If music is humanity’s “universal language,” these musicians speak it fluently in their own distinctive voices. From pianos and guitars, to Irish tin whistles and accordions, Stritch’s own playlist – featuring the creative compositions and performances of various members of the University community – shares the deep emotion, whimsical fun, poignant messages, and tremendous talent of 13 artists, each blessed with exceptional gifts and special flair.


While some pursued music degrees to launch their careers, others followed completely different life callings but still managed to keep music central to their lives. No matter what their journey, these musicians and composers all groove and jive to their own beat. And we’re dancing, swaying and toe tapping right along with them. You will, too.

Join us in getting to know these artists and celebrating their work by listening to samples of their music, reading their stories, and supporting their careers. And, if you also make music and want to tell us all about it, please get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.

Cina Chang, piano

Kyle Feerick, acoustic guitar, vocals (smooth, folk-rock)

Chris Head, guitar, vocals (Americana, a melding of roots music with more modern, melodic styles)

Joanna Kerner, a.k.a. ROCKET PALOMA, singer-songwriter (folk, with elements of punk, jazz and rock ‘n roll)

Jason Moon, singer-songwriter (lyrically-driven Americana)

Mark Phillips, singer, producer and engineer

Jerod Reetz, composer, educator, vocalist (experimental)

Anna Robinson, piano, guitar, Irish tin whistle, mandolin, vocals (journey music and conversational)

Mike Schneider, accordion, vocals (polka)

Amelia Spierer, vocal instructor, soprano (classical, baroque period)

Veronica Thomas, soprano vocalist

Erin Woehlke, piano, violin

Jonathan Ziegler, bassist, guitarist (retro blues, R&B, country, surf/garage