(B.M. Music Composition, ’12)

I am a composer and educator currently pursuing a doctoral degree in music composition at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. At Cardinal Stritch University, I earned a B.A. degree in music composition under the guidance of Daniel Maske. At California Institute of the Arts, I additionally earned an M.F.A. degree in music composition under the tutelage of Anne LeBaron. My musical oeuvre extends across all genres of music, performing from all periods in addition to new music. As a composer, my focus lies in writing new music for large orchestra, choir, chamber ensemble, soloists, and live electronics. My interests and research extend to new ways of writing for harp, cello, and voice; studying the neurological effects of binaural beats; microtonality, including use of the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis Just Intonation Pitch Notation system; and egalitarian methods of creation such as HyperOpera, an emerging performance genre.

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My primary instrument is my voice. I am a classically-trained countertenor altist and baritone singer. My secondary instruments include piano and cello.

Notable collaborations:

With Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick and Julie Feves to name a couple


I have been inspired by works from the following composers recently, to name a few: Anne LeBaron, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Kaija Saariaho, Kate Soper, Alex Mincek, Christina Ward, and Chaya Czernowin. I also have been influenced by music performed by experimental vocal group Roomful of Teeth.

Biggest musical feat so far?

I recently had the opportunity to both compose and perform in a HyperOpera titled B33h1ve at California Institute of the Arts.


In 2011, I was awarded the Bro. Rufino Zaragoza, OFM Music Composition Award, awarded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, for my sacred works. I received a Diversity Grant in 2013 for my composition titled “Embrace,” awarded by California Institute of the Arts.

This year, I was recently commissioned to write a choral work for the Santa Clarita Master Chorale's Summer 2014 Concert themed “It's About Time.” I titled the piece “I Will Be There Tomorrow.” A few weeks ago, I flew to Los Angeles to hear the premiere of this work performed by the chorale and they did an amazing job.

Earliest music memory?

I remember walking around my house, singing very high-pitched, when I was three years old. I'm sure I drove my parents crazy.

Future goals:

My career goal is to teach at a college or university as a professor of music composition and theory.

Ongoing Stritch connections:

I recently had the exciting opportunity to work with fellow alumna Cassie Goulais, developing a music track for the Stritch Alumni Awards videos this year.