Alumni extend hospitality, serve distinctive cuisine, create unique gathering spaces 


Owning a restaurant isn’t a job, but a lifestyle. These seven alumni entrepreneurs understand this calling and fully embrace it with energy, zest and creativity. They share a goal of welcoming and nourishing people with a spirit of hospitality—long a hallmark of the Franciscan tradition.


And they each do so in such distinctive ways and diverse places that we wanted to take a moment to celebrate their eclectic array of local, fine, quick, sweet, elegant, healthy, indulgent, authentic, mouth-watering and ethnic cuisine.

Savor the food, share a drink with friends, and soak in the vintage, modern décor.

Tim Dixon, ’89, Iron Horse Hotel, featuring Smyth, The Yard, Branded for “The Milwaukee Hotel Experience”

Choose your yogurt flavor, cover it in fresh toppings, indulge your sweet tooth.

Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter, ’83, ’06, MyYoMy! Frozen Yogurt, one of 137 fast-food stores in six states owned by V&J Holding Companies

Experience fine food, celebrate special occasions, carry on a 166-year dining tradition.

Martha, ’97, and Norm Eckstaedt, Red Circle Inn, “Wisconsin’s oldest restaurant”

Chat up your mates, grab a pint, sample authentic British cuisine

David Price, ’07, ’13, and Chris Tinker, ’06, ’10, Three Lions Pub, “Where across the pond is just across the street”

Get your coffee and breakfast on the go, enjoy service with a smile, try new healthy options or standard favorites.

Marshall Chay, ’83, McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it”

Eat farm-to-table cuisine, pair dinner with a microbrew, cheer on favorite sports teams.

Omar Shaikh, ’00, Hōm Wood Fired Grill, “All things Wisconsin”