A few more dogs have their day

Compiled by Sara Woelfel and Laura Schreiner

Social feeds are full of them. Studies claim productivity improves because of them. People giggle, gasp, guffaw and groan while watching them. And students will tell you exam week is made just a little easier when they encounter them.
Yes, the power of dogs to evoke emotion, render calm and build bonds is not only a scientific but a social phenomenon, fueled by the human impulse to share images, videos and anecdotes that move them and give them “all the feels.”
Many in the Stritch community readily share “tails” (see what we did there?) of their everyday lives and adventures with their own companion animals, which inspired us to begin collecting some of those anecdotes, photos and videos. The relationships we all share with the dogs in our lives help us to perpetuate the vision and reverence for creation that St. Francis of Assisi shared with the world: “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
So, at the risk of inundating the Internet with more precious, peculiar and people-pleasing pets, we share with you a special Cardinal Stritch University perspective on our own special companions.
In this series, you’ll find:

Personal anecdotes and tributes written by staff, faculty, students and alumni, including:  
A Q&A with alumnus John Toris, ’14, ’17, who took his love for dogs to a different level, establishing a homemade dog treats business to nourish man’s best friend.
A 2012 special encounter then-student Janine Mercer, ’12, had with a street dog during a Stritch service trip to Belize that viscerally connected her to St. Francis’ Wolf of Gubbio encounter.
A reminder about the essence of the Wolf of Gubbio story, as told by our own Dr. Sean Lansing, chief mission integration officer, and Sister Mary Jeanne Michels, OSF, assistant director of mission integration.
And if those Stritch-specific features aren’t enough, link to these dog stories, prayers and videos, all with a Franciscan twist:
“Little Dog is Welcomed as Monastery’s Cutest New Friar”
A Catholic News Agency video shares a deeper perspective on the new friar in this Spanish-language news story.
“What a Dog Taught Me About God” essay from Franciscan Media
Intercessory prayers to St. Francis for the healing and well-being of pets