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Stritch, Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee partner to offer scholarships

June 22, 2021

Cardinal Stritch University and Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) have announced a partnership that will provide scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. The partnership supports the education, retention and graduation of Hispanic students who are pursing post-secondary degrees.

Stritch will match funds awarded to students who are identified through HPGM’s competitive scholarship process. Full-time students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs will be eligible, as will incoming students. The scholarship may be combined with other University scholarships and grants, but may not exceed the cost of tuition. Students must maintain Satisfactory Progress (SAP).

“Cardinal Stritch University is excited to partner with HPGM on this scholarship program that will remove barriers for students who are pursuing a college degree,” said Stritch Interim President Dr. Dan Scholz. “Like HPGM, Stritch is committed to helping people achieve greater levels of success. Collaborating with such a respected organization helps Stritch fulfill our mission to prepare students to succeed in the communities where they live, work, serve and lead.”

"It was a natural fit to welcome Cardinal Stritch into the HPGM familia, and we are proud to serve the greater Milwaukee community alongside them!" said Francesca Mayca Wegner, HPGM Executive Director.  "Their commitment to removing financial barriers for Hispanic and Latinx students is critical to the development of a diverse talent pipeline in Milwaukee. We are grateful for their support and commitment to investing in the next generation of leaders."

HPGM has awarded more than $660,000 to 173 students since the program was launched in 2004.

The partnership is a new chapter in Stritch’s strong relationship with HPGM. The University’s HPGM Student Chapter helps student representing all academic majors identify scholarship, internship and professional development opportunities. Chapter members also network with professionals within the greater Milwaukee area and learn what it takes to be successful during and after college. Alumna Estrella Luciano received the 2019 HPGM Student Leader Award.

Kathleen Hohl, Stritch Communications

Preparing future leaders

Marilyn Jones, assistant foreign language professor at Cardinal Stritch University, shares how HPGM has strengthened our students through academic and professional support. In her role as faculty advisor for the HPGM student chapter, Jones has witnessed the importance of professional development opportunities for college students to thrive in their areas of interest and in the community. From student organizations to internships, leadership formation is possible through the support of organizations like HPGM.

Preparando futuros líderes

Marilyn Jones, profesora auxiliar de la Universidad Cardinal Stritch, comparte las formas en que HPGM ha fortalecido a nuestros estudiantes a través del apoyo académico y profesional. En su papel como consejera del capítulo estudiantil de HPGM, Jones ha sido testigo de lo importante que son las oportunidades de desarrollo profesional para que los estudiantes universitarios prosperen en sus áreas de interés y en la comunidad. Desde capítulos estudiantiles hasta pasantías, la formación de liderazgo es posible a través del apoyo de organizaciones como HPGM.

Motivation through self-confidence

Estrella Luciano Moreno, ’20, talks about how HPGM encouraged her to prosper through cultural empowerment and professional support. As she navigated college, Luciano overcame academic and personal obstacles with the motivation she received from peers and professionals she identified with at HPGM meetings and events. As a previous student chapter member and scholarship recipient, Estrella is thankful for all the resources organizations like HPGM have to offer to first-generation, minority students.

Motivación a través de la confianza en sí mismo

Estrella Luciano Moreno, ’20, explica cómo la organización estudiantil de HPGM la motivó a prosperar por medio del empoderamiento y apoyo profesional. Al navegar el sistema universitario, Luciano superó obstáculos personales y académicos con la motivación que recibió de compañeros y profesionales con los que se identificó en eventos y reuniones de HPGM. Cómo miembro del capítulo estudiantil y ganadora de una beca, Estrella esta agradecida por todos los recursos que organizaciones cómo HPGM proveen a estudiantes de primera generación y de minorías.