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Nursing simulation

Nursing students participate in disaster simulation

On Tuesday, March 15, 10 nursing students in Assistant Professor Amy Nyren’s Population and Community Health course participated in a disaster training simulation in Roger Bacon Hall. The training scenario was developed by Jennifer Lethlean, Master of Science in Nursing student, with the assistance of Nyren and Associate Dean Dr. Crystal-Rae Evans.

Instructor Dr. Miranda Van De Loo provided additional support and evaluation for the training exercise. In addition, Heidi Aringer, mental health and wellness counselor, observed the training and was available to work with students after the experience.

In the simulation, the nursing students responded to an “active shooter on campus” drill. After the all-clear was issued, the students had to locate “victims” in different rooms, assess the severity of their injuries and set up a triage system for treatment. After the exercise, the students and faculty participated in a debriefing discussion.

When asked how they felt once the exercise began, one student said, “My immediate reaction was ‘I need to help these people!’”

In addition to the students currently enrolled in the course, two students who participated in the simulation last semester volunteered to participate in the simulation, and three students in the Leadership for Change nursing course served as charge nurses.

“Simulation allows our students to apply theoretical knowledge and hands-on nursing skills they are learning in the classroom to real-world situations and scenarios,” said Nyren. “By their very nature, most disasters happen unexpectedly, and participation in this simulation gives our students confidence that they have the skills to respond to those situations appropriately.”