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FAQs for Faculty and Staff

The University’s educational services, activities and programs will be suspended and cancelled as of May 22, 2023.

We understand you are looking for clarity and we will continue to share information as we know it.

Payout schedules are still being finalized and information will be shared as we learn more.

Please continue to check this page for updated information.

Benefits Coverage

What will happen to my employee benefit coverages?

Employees participating in the Stritch benefit package will  have coverage until the end of the month in which they were last employed. Stritch Human Resources staff will provide information to employees.
Your health benefits are eligible through the month of final date of employment. Details about COBRA and other health insurance options will be available at a future date. We expect to host a benefit fair in May to walk employees through all these options.

Unemployment Eligibility

Can I apply for unemployment benefits?

You are eligible to apply for unemployment.  The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development provides detailed information about unemployment benefit at this site -

Tuition Remission

What happens to the tuition remission program?

Please contact Jackie Klenz in Stritch Human Resources if your dependents participate in the tuition remission program.
boys & girls clubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee have reached out with an interest in recruiting Stritch staff. Please see the documents at the links below for featured positions and benefit information.

Featured Positions Benefits

ELCE Support

Sean Lybeck-Smoak and Tom Kipp of the Experiential Learning and Career Education (ELCE) Office have offered to help faculty and staff update their resumes/CVs and prepare for interviews.

Sean and Tom are available for individual meetings with faculty and staff member to review resumes or CVs. Please use the following links to schedule those appointments:

How can my employment be verified if Stritch is closed?

We encourage employees to retain documents in print or forwarded to your personal email to assist future employers in verifying employment. These include:

  • WARN, termination or separation letter: This is a letter that formally documents the termination of your employment, but not your start date. It should be printed on company letterhead.
  • Employment/teaching contracts: Employment/teaching contracts and agreements can be used to establish a work history.
  • Referral letters: Referral letters from former supervisor(s) can help establish not only dates of employment but also provide a positive endorsement of you as an employee. Ask for these letters so that you can verify employment at a later date. This is a good source for those who have reported to the same manager since hire date.
  • Pay stubs/direct deposit notifications: Old pay stubs or notifications of direct deposits can establish that you were on Stritch's payroll.
  • Tax forms: If you no longer have old tax forms, including W-2s, contact the IRS. They may be able to help you get copies.
  • Unemployment claim documentation: If you applied for unemployment after your job ended, the documentation should contain the name of your previous employer.

In addition, credit reports may verify employment as well.

Please use caution in copying, printing and forwarding documents with confidential personal information.

We will update this post if additional methods of verification become available.