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This information has been created for current Cardinal Stritch University students. 

International Student FAQs

Summer Programming Information

Summer 2023 Course Information

Enrolling at a Teach-Out Institution

How do I enroll at a Teach-Out Institution?

Schedule an Appointment with your Academic Advisor. If you are unsure of who your Academic Advisor is, check your last class schedule. Set up a 30-minute appointment with your advisor using StritchPASS. You may not need that much time; however, it is wise to block it off so that you both are not hurried. At this meeting you will discuss your major, the differences between Teach-Out and Transfer, and which Teach--Out receiving school(s) has your major/degree/program of study.

What to cover in your meeting: 
  • Move to the Teach-Out Institution
  • Have your records moved to the Teach-Out Institution
  • What forms need to be signed
  • Who the contact person is at the Teach-Out Institution you wish to attend
  • Please sign the Authorization for Release of Information to Third Party, so Stritch can share your information with the Teach-Out Institution(s).

Living on Campus

How long will residence halls remain open?

Current residents will have 48 hours after their final exam to formally check-out of the residence halls.
Graduating students participating in the Commencement ceremony will be allowed to stay in their room until Noon on Tuesday, May 23.
Special consideration for housing extensions will be granted to students with extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
The last possible day to stay in the residence halls will be June 12 and will only be for students who have been granted special permission.

Campus Security

Will there still be security on campus?

Yes, Campus Safety staff will be present on campus through the end of the Spring semester.

In the event of an emergency, it is important to report it immediately. If police, fire or rescue personnel are required to respond, they should be called first dial 911, and then a call should be placed to Campus Safety.

To report a crime or another on-campus emergency, contact the Campus Safety officer on duty at the following link:
Campus Safety

Campus Events and Activities

What is the status of clubs and other campus events?

Will activities still take place on campus?

Campus activities will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Can clubs and organizations still meet?

Yes, student clubs and organizations are encouraged to continue meeting.