Financial Aid Compliance Calendar

Cardinal Stritch University's Annual Calendar of Significant Compliance Related Activities for the Financial Aid Department

Yellow Ribbon Participation Renewal [1]

HEOA Code of Conduct and Other Notices [2]
FISAP: Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate [3]
NAIA Annual Report [4]

[1] Yellow Ribbon Participation Renewal

In order to participate in the GI-Bill Yellow Ribbon Program and receive matching funds from Veterans Administration, the institution must submit completed Yellow Ribbon Participation Agreements by February 15 of year for the following academic year. 

[2] HEOA Code of Conduct and Other Notices

The institution must annually inform all of its employees who have responsibilities with respect to Federal education loans of the provisions of the institution’s Financial Aid Code of Conduct. This annual distribution should include a reminder that funds received from the Federal government under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, are not to be used to influence any branch of government.

[3] FISAP: Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate

The institution must report to the Department of Education all Perkins, FWS, and FSEOG funds from the previous fiscal year and apply for funds for the next fiscal year. The FISAP can be filed online at and must be submitted during the fall of each year.

[4] NAIA Annual Report

Each member institution is required to file a year-end-report with the NAIA National Office on an annual basis. Institutions have until September 1 to complete the certificates and submit information to the NAIA National Office via Athletics Directors should work with coaches and the institution’s financial aid department to complete the report.