Institutional Research Compliance Calendar

Cardinal Stritch University's Annual Calendar of Significant Compliance Related Activities for the Institutional Research Department

IPEDS: Winter Collection Closes [1]

IPEDS: Spring Collection Opens [2]

IPEDS: Spring Collection Closes [2]

IPEDS: Registration [3]

IPEDS: Fall Collection Opens [4]
Program Participation Agreements: Financial Aid & Institutional Information [5]

IPEDS: Fall Collection Closes [4]

IPEDS: Winter Collection Opens [1]

[1] IPEDS: Winter Collection

The Winter collection includes the Employees by Assigned Position component to classify all institutional staff, as well as the Faculty Salaries and the Fall Staff components of IPEDS. In addition, institutions have the opportunity to provide Enrollment data at this time. Institutions will be able to lock the Enrollment Component in the Winter or Spring. The Fall Staff component is provided for convenience, but data are NOT required this year. The Winter collection opens in December and closes in January. See for exact dates.

[2] IPEDS: Spring Collection

The Spring IPEDS collection includes Finance and Student Financial Aid information, Graduation Rates data (including information required under the Student Right to Know Law), and Enrollment for those schools that did not lock in Winter. The Spring collection period opens in March and closes in April. Reporting is done online. See for exact dates.

[3] IPEDS: Registration

Registration opens in August. Passwords and IDs are distributed in August. IDs and passwords for the upcoming collection cycle will be distributed to all institutions. Those with designated key-holders will receive information via email. All institutions for which there is no designated key-holder will receive a letter directed to the CEO containing registration information.

[4] IPEDS: Fall Collection

The Fall collection for IPEDS (Institutional Characteristics and Completions) opens in September and closes in October. Reporting is done online.
See for exact dates for submission of data on tuition and completion (the Fall Collection). This is the first of three annual data collection periods. Designated institutional personnel should have received new 2006-07 User IDs and passwords (if not, contact the Helpdesk).


[5] Program Participation Agreements: Financial Aid & Institutional Information

Financial Aid and Institutional Information - The institution must publish and make readily available to current and prospective students information on the entire Federal, State, local, private and institutional financial assistance programs available to students who enroll at the institution. Institutional information must also be made available as well. No deadline specifically enumerated; however, September 1 is suggested.
This disclosure must be provided directly to enrolled students through direct mailing, electronic mail, or provision at orientation/matriculation. If a the required disclosures are posted on a website, the direct mailing or electronic mail must be sent to all enrolled students, and must: 1) identify the information required to be disclosed, 2) provide the exact electronic Web site address where the information can be found, 3) state that, upon request, the student is entitled to a paper copy, and 4) inform the student how to request a paper copy.
Information noting the availability of each of these reports, including an opportunity to request a copy, must be included in appropriate publications, mailings, and/or electronic communications to prospective students.