Surveys - Online Course Evaluations

Cardinal Stritch University uses course evaluations to improve the quality of teaching and learning through student feedback to individual faculty members. The information gathered is also a significant component in the promotion and tenure process. Responses to course evaluations provide information on students' perceptions of their engagement, learning outcomes, the instructor's behavior and course activities. This feedback helps guide changes in futur iterations of the course and/or the instructor's teaching.

Online Administration
The University transitioned to online course evaluations in the Spring of 2012. Evaluations are administered through Online administration of evaluations has many benefits including convenient access for students and faculty, a secure environment to ensure anonymity of students and confidentiality of responses, and timely results delivered to faculty.

Confidentiality and Integrity
The online course evaluation system uses current technology security measures to ensure the security of the data and the confidentiality of the results. The University has contracted with an independent company to administer online course evaluations, with the following confidentiality promise to students:

"We want you as a student to feel safe completing your evaluations on our site. Let us assure you that our company will never release email addresses or any other personal information. We also promise to keep your submissions confidential. We will never let the instructors or administrators at your school connect you to your evaluations. We will only give the school compiled data, with no studen identifiers. Your evaluations will assist your faculty in determining how to provide you with the best education."

Faculty will only have access to summary reports of responses for their courses. The online course evaluation system will not present information that could identify an individual and will not allow the creation of reports that could compromise a student's confidentiality.

Schedule for online administration of course evaluations
Traditional Courses: Online course evaluations will be available 12 days before the last day of class and will close two days after the last day of final exams.
Graduate/Doctoral and all Non-Term Courses: Online course evaluations will be available one week before the last day of class and will close two days after the last day of class.

Contact Information

Each college has designated an Assessment Coordinator as the primary administrator for online end of course evaluations. These college liaisons should be your first point of contact with questions about the end of course evaluations system or process.

  • College of Arts and Sciences - Michelle Gilgannon & Yanelis Rodriguez
  • College of Business and Management - Annette VanHorn
  • College of Education and Leadership - Suzanne Bagley
  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Kristen Bachman

**In the event that your College Assessment Coordinator is unavailable or unable to answer your questions, you can contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at