Surveys - Reporting Calendar

The Data Quality and Institutional Research office has established the systematic survey and reporting cycles below in order to provide better data definitions, communication of data needs, organize standard data requests, and to assist in Stritch’s continuous improvement process.


Cycle of Assessment Activities
Goal: A systematic survey cycle to support the assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness processes at Stritch. This cycle will include all major University constituencies (UG student, GR students, Faculty, and Staff).

Surveys Administered Cycle
National Survey of Engagement (NSSE) Spring 4 year
Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) Spring  
Student Campus Climate Survey (Stritch) Spring 3 year
Faculty and Staff Climate Survey (Stritch) Spring  
Alumni (employment data) Survey (Stritch) Spring  
Noel Levitz Alumni Survey (Alumni Office) Spring  

Cycle of Reporting Activities
Goal: A systematic reporting cycle to support the data needs of internal and external constituents.

Date Constituent Survey
August NPSAS National Postsecondary Student Aid Society (NPSAS)
August Best for Vets Survey Military Times Magazine
August Peterson's Interim Expenses
August NAIA End of Year Report
September U.S.News Top Online Nursing Programs
October VSE Voluntary Support Education
October IPEDS Institutional Characteristics
October IPEDS Completions
October IPEDS 12-Month Enrollment
October IBHE Fall Enrollment (Part 1)
October EADA Equity in Athletics
November Various Common Data Set
December College Board Annual Survey of Colleges
December Peterson's Nursing Programs
December U.S. News Best Graduate Schools Survey
January Business Journal Business Journal Book of Lists
February Barron's Profile of American Colleges Survey
February IPEDS Student Financial Aid
February Peterson's Annual Survey of Undergraduate Institutions
February U-CAN U-CAN Network Update
March ACT ACT Institutional Data Questionnaire
March Peterson's Annual Survey of Undergraduate Financial Aid
March Peterson's Annual Survey of Graduate and Professional Institutions
March Wintergreen Orchard House Main Survey
March IBHE Fall Enrollment (Part II)
April IPEDS Fall Enrollment
April IPEDS Human Resources
April IPEDS Financial Survey
April IPEDS Graduate Rates
April IPEDS Graduation Rates 200%
April U.S. News Main Survey
April U.S. News Finance Survey
April U.S. News Financial Aid Survey
April AACTE Provide data for Professional Education Data System (PEDS)
April HLC Institutional Update Survey
April WAICU WAICU Institutional Survey
May U.S. News Review U.S. News Main Survey Data Assessment Report
May U.S. News Review U.S. News Main Survey Data Verification
May U.S. News Review U.S. News Finance Survey Data Verification
May U.S. News Review U.S. News Financial Aid Data Verification