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Community Enrollment Partner Network

Stritch’s Community Enrollment Partner Network creates unique relationship between Stritch and community based organizations throughout Wisconsin. Driven by our mission, Stritch has developed these partnerships to ensure that the organizations most directly impacting our communities have affordable access to education. Individuals served by organizations in the network have the opportunity to enroll in Stritch courses at a reduced tuition rate. These partnerships will enhance each organization's mission as well as enhance the development of employees and all those served by the organizations.

Individuals affiliated with a Community Enrollment Partner who wish to enroll in an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree program may receive a tuition reduction of up to 20%.

Community Enrollment Partners

Stritch is proud to be in partnership with many organizations throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin including:
  • African American Leadership Alliance Milwaukee
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
  • Grateful Girls, Inc. 
  • Greater Milwaukee Urban League
  • Lead2Change
  • PEARLS for Teen Girls
  • Sherman Phoenix Foundation
  • Tempo Milwaukee
Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University agrees to...

  • Waive enrollment and application fees
  • Provide flexible payment options based on individual student needs
  • Provide a designated point of contact to manage the partnership
  • Provide varied formats of learning options for those within the organization, including: online, face-to-face, or customized based on need
  • Work with organization to determine any credit for prior learning/training that may be evaluated and confirmed as college credit
  • Ensure success of partnership. Cardinal Stritch University will provide updates that include the number of individuals using benefit and savings of tuition assistance dollars.
Community Enrollment Partners

The Community Enrollment Partner organization will...

  • Designate Cardinal Stritch University as an Education Partner
  • Announce Community Enrollment Partnership through formal communications sent to all individuals within the organization and include education partner benefit information
  • Post information about new education partnership on all of the organization’s communications systems. Promotion may include organization intranet, e-mail blasts, benefits site, newsletters and more
  • Support education partnership opportunities for individuals/employees by granting Cardinal Stritch University the approval to offer quarterly events for individuals/employees to share education information. Events may include education information tables, lunch and learn information sessions and/or other events agreed upon by both parties.

Partnership benefits

Employees from community organizations will be supported and incentivized to pursue their post-secondary degrees at Cardinal Stritch University. Cardinal Stritch recognizes that increasing the educational attainment of an organization’s employees will support job advancement and retention within the organization, and more broadly support long-term career development for the individuals involved. This shared goal with the organization would be pursued through the commitments outlined below.

Partnering with Stritch will support the educational attainment of employees in the following ways:

  1. Allow Cardinal Stritch University admissions, financial aid, and prior learning assessment staff to meet individually with employees on site or on campus at Stritch.
  2. Designate an educational attainment liaison (or liaisons) who will support employees as they pursue academic degrees at the university. The liaison will also communicate and partner with university representatives.
  3. Provide a 20% tuition discount to all employees which also applies to certificate and licensure programs.
  4. Employees will be responsible for tuition payments following Cardinal Stritch’s billing process.
  5. All Cardinal Stritch University policies, procedures and processes will apply to employees in this partnership.

Partnering with Stritch will support the educational attainment of students in the following ways:

The cornerstone of the partnership with Cardinal Stritch will be a focus on enrollment and the degree attainment of students currently enrolled in programs supported by community organizations. 

Cardinal Stritch University will support the educational attainment of students enrolled in an organization’s programs and ensure the following: 

  • Provide a $1,000 annual tuition scholarship for students affiliated with the organization. Students must complete an admissions application and be offered full admission and matriculate during the desired year of entry to qualify for the $1,000 annual tuition scholarship.
  • Qualified students may also be eligible to receive additional federal, state, or other institutional financial aid such as grants, scholarships and/or loans.
  1. Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average and be fully enrolled each year to continue to receive this scholarship.
  2. Allow Cardinal Stritch admissions, financial aid, and prior learning assessment staff to meet individually with Grateful Girls, Inc. students and their families at the organization’s site(s) or on campus at Cardinal Stritch.
  3. Designate a Cardinal Stritch educational attainment liaison (or liaisons) who will support the organization’s students and their families as they pursue their academic degrees at the university.   
Coursework and Student Services Delivery

Accessing coursework and student services

The organization’s employees and students will have access to all Stritch services afforded to any student including

  • Financial aid
  • Academic tutoring
  • Library access
  • Co-curricular programming

Student services are available at the Stritch campus, online or by phone. 

The University will make reasonable efforts to bring the services to the students, including having an academic advisor visit the site on regular intervals.

Contact Stritch to learn more.