2016-2017 Theater Productions

9 Circles

by Bill Cain
Directed by John Kishline
September 23rd through October 2nd, 2016

Written by a Jesuit priest, this hard-hitting and intense contemporary drama follows the military career and subsequent civilian trial of soldier Steven Dale Green, loosely paralleling the nine circles of Dante's inferno. 9 Circles contains adult themes and strong language. 

9 Circles is presented in connection with our 2016 Common Read book Redeployment by Phil Klay as well as "Musings" both exploring topics of contemporary international conflict and what it means to the community on the Homefront as troops return from war. 

"9 Circles" is approximately 90 minutes long with no intermission. There will be a talkback with the director and cast on Thursday, September 29th immediately following the performance. 


Anna Hecht, Monty Kane, Symone Seyler and Donnie Williams 


Jack Hurtgen (Stage Manager), Katie Lindgren (Set Designer), Laura Ellingen (Dramaturg), Katie Gray (Costume Designer), Rob Stepek (Lighting Designer), Allyn Weber (Technical Director), Tom Gust (Military Consultant), Jacob Gaeth (Assistant Lighting Designer), Jeanne Schrank (Costume Technician)


by Stephen Schwartz and John Michael Trebelak
Directed by Mark Boergers
November 11th through November 20th, 2016

The eclectic rock opera that premiered in 1971 and received a Broadway revival in 2011, Godspell incorporates parables and bible stories from the Gospel set to modern music.  Featuring an ensemble cast presenting famous songs such as "Day by Day" and "All for the Best", Stritch's Godspell is a Glam-Rock extravaganza of epic proportions. 


Monty Kane (Jesus), Anna Hecht (Judas/John the Baptist), Ben Briselden, Laura Ellingen, Cynthia Lopez, Jessica Pawlak, Symone Seyler, Donnie Williams and Matt Zietlow as Disciples,  Harper Demos (Socrates), Lucy Hartnell (Jean Paul Sartre), Katrina Hermann (Thomas Acquinas),  Ashley Mulholland (Galileo), Carrie Trebian (L. Ron Hubbard). 


Katie Lindgren (Stage Manager), Jacob Gaeth (Assistant Stage Manager), Jack Hurtgen (Assistant Stage Manager), Cailin Short (Set Designer), Allyn Weber (Technical Director), Cynthia Lopez (Makeup Designer), Kristina Van Slyke (Costume Designer), Jeanne Schrank (Costume Technician)  

Jack and the Beanstalk

Directed by Niffer Clarke
February 18th through February 26th, 2017

Stritch Theater for Young Audiences presents a mystical retelling of the well-known fairy tale of magic beans and troublesome giants in the sky.  Join our precocious young hero as he navigates a colorful world where an enormous beanstalk leads to magic and wealth found in the unlikeliest of places. 


Ben Briselden (Jack), Harper Demos (Father/Stranger), Laura Ellingen (Cow), Jacob Gaeth (Albert), Lucy Hartnell (Albert's Mother), Katrina Hermann (Voice), Anna Hecht (Jack's Mother), Ashley Mulholland (Voice), Symone Seyler (Cloud), Donnie Williams (Hen)


Jack Hurtgen (Stage Manager), Allyn Weber (Technical Director), Sarah Hunt-Frank (Set Designer), Leah Dueno (Costume Designer), Katie Lindgren (Asst. Set Designer, Co-Stage Manager), Jeanne Schrank (Costume Technician) 

The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie
Directed by Mark Boergers
April 21st through April 30th, 2017


Whodunnit? The longest running play in the world, The Mousetrap opened in London's west end in 1952 and still runs today.  A classic Agatha Christie murder mystery, our intimate studio version will set the audience inside the classic English Tudor style home with a front row seat to the suspense.  Join the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of audience members who keep the secret of who done it! 


Ben Briselden (Giles), Harper Demos (Mr. Pavarivicini), Laura Ellingen (Miss Casewell), Anna Hecht (Mrs. Boyle), Jessica Pawlak (Christopher Wren), Monty Kane (Trotter), Symone Seyler (Mollie), Ben Williams (Major Metcalf)


Jack Hurtgen (Stage Manager, Sound Design, Asst. Set Design), Allyn Weber (Technical Director, Set Designer, Lighting Designer), Katie Lindgren (Asst, Stage Manager), Sound Designer, Asst. Set Designer), NaVada Reed (Asst. Stage Manager), Jeanne Schrank (Costume Technician), Kristina Van Slyke (Costume Designer),  Cynthia Lopez (Hair and Makeup Assistant)