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The Concert Choir, Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble are open to all Stritch students. In order to obtain permission to register for any of these ensembles, interested students must pass an audition, which also makes them eligible for a Performing Arts Scholarship.

Concert Choir: The Concert Choir is an ensemble of mixed voices, performing choral literature from various stylistic periods. The Choir performs at least one formal concert each semester and may tour during the spring semester. Membership in the Concert Choir is open to all qualified singers and can be taken for credit, with no additional fee. Prerequisite: audition, consent of the conductor.

Orchestra: Students enrolled in this course will perform with the Symphony Orchestra (Stritch Community Orchestra), which meets in the evenings, once per week, and performs three concerts per year (one during the fall semester and two in the spring semester). The literature performed consists of music from a variety of periods and styles. Membership in the Symphony Orchestra is open to all qualified University students and at-large community members and can be taken for credit, with no additional fee. Prerequisite: audition, consent of the conductor.


Lesson instruction is available in Voice, Guitar and Piano.  For more information contact Kristin Sponcia at

Courses within the Music Program offer small class sizes, individualized instruction, and a wide range of performance opportunities with outstanding conductors and instructors. Faculty members are nationally recognized performing artists, teachers, and mentors.

Winds & Percussion

Flute – Linda Nielsen
Oboe – Rita Mitchell
Clarinet – Mary Jirovec
Saxophone – Mary Jirovec
Trumpet – Dan Maske
Low brass – David Carlton
Percussion – Dan Maske
Drums – Paul Westfahl


Violin – Tatiana Migliaccio
Viola – Olga Tuzhilkov
Cello – Braden Flanagan-Zitoun
String/Electric Bass – Barry Clark
Guitar – Peter Baime


Voice – Jean Broekhuizen
Voice – Jeremy Nickolai
Voice – Amelia Spierer


Piano – Dan Maske
Piano – James Norden
Piano – Joshua Robinson
Accompanying – James Norden
Choir Accompanist – Martha Galvin

Chamber Ensembles

James Norden
Trevor Hyde


Composition – Dan Maske


Choir – Jason Clark
Orchestra – Salvatore Terrasi
Wind Ensemble – Salvatore Terrasi

Core Music Courses

Instructor – Jack Forbes
Instructor – Dennis King
Instructor – Salvatore Terrasi

To contact our Music Department, please visit the Music Department Directory page.
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