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The Graphic Design major at Cardinal Stritch University recognizes and embodies the importance of educating students for an increasingly complex world and across multiple platforms. The curriculum embraces emerging technologies and the convergence of graphic design, photography, and studio arts, and digital and time-based media. Students work independently, in teams and closely with faculty and are introduced to increasingly complex graphic communication and design problems and methodologies. This combined with opportunities to engage in professional “real world” work helps build informed, innovative and professional portfolios, and creates well-rounded designers who both make things and produce creative solutions and are ready to enter the job market upon graduation.


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●  Credits: 120
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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (69 Credits)

  • Visual arts core:  (18 cr.) ART 101, 115, 123, 131, 147, 150
  • Graphic Design Core:  (9  cr.) ART 111, 202, 239
  • Graphic Design Major:  (24 cr.) ART 205, 211, 302, 305, 311, 402, 405, 447.
  • Art History:  (9 cr.) Choose three courses from ART 141, 142, 344, or 415
  • Electives:  (9 cr.) ART 210 or 301 and two courses outside of major. Suggested courses include: BU 105, CS 118, BU 228, CS 230, EN 216, CS 219, THR 220 or THR 225.
  • Exhibit:  Required

B.A./B.F.A. Visual Art Core Portfolio Review

The purpose of the Visual Art Core (VAC) portfolio review is to provide aesthetic feedback and career guidance for all art department undergraduate majors. All students enrolled in a B.A. or B.F.A. program in the Visual Art Department participate in the VAC portfolio review.
The Art department will conduct a portfolio review as needed each fall semester. The portfolio must represent art and design work completed in the Visual Art Core (15-18 cr.) while at Cardinal Stritch University. In addition to their portfolio of selected works, the students must submit a written statement of intent regarding the anticipated major they will follow while at Stritch. Upon successful completion of the VAC portfolio review the student is formally admitted into a BA or BFA major. A transfer student must have completed a minimum of 9 credits of studio coursework in the Visual Art Department of Cardinal Stritch University before participating in the portfolio review process.  Detailed information on the VAC portfolio review is available in the Visual Art Department office, CFA 110.

Transfer Credits

A maximum of 18 credits can be transferred to a B.A. degree or 36 credits toward a B.F.A. at the discretion of the department upon transcript and portfolio review.

PLO 1  The student demonstrates visual literacy and creative problem solving within a variety of artistic, technological, social and cultural contexts.  
PLO 2  The student demonstrates an understanding and competence in the making of art and design objects.
PLO 3  The student demonstrates ability to critically evaluate contemporary thinking about art and design within the context of the major achievements in the history of art.
PLO 4  The student is able to assess quality and effectiveness in art and design projects especially their own work, using verbal and written critiques.

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Transfer Credits You Already Earned

A total of 120 semester credits are required for graduation, with at least 30 major course credits taken at Cardinal Stritch University. A maximum of 90 credits may be transferred from another accredited degree-granting institution and applied to fulfill major course requirements.

In the admission process you will need to provide transcripts from each college or university you attended. We will review the courses you already took to find out what will transfer to Stritch. Download our guide that explains credit acquisition or view a list of institutions we partnered with to establish articulation agreements.

Freshman Applicant Admission Requirements

•  Complete the Admissions Application
Submit the admissions application which is free to complete online.

•  Request Transcripts
Have official high school transcripts delivered directly to the Office of Admissions from your school. We will also review GED scores of 250 or above.

•  Send ACT or SAT Scores
Provide an official score report from the ACT or SAT. High school graduates out of school for over one year do not need to submit scores.


Transfer Student Applicant Admission Requirements

•  Complete the Admissions Application 
Submit the admissions application which is free to complete online.

•  Request Transcripts
Have official transcripts from each college or university delivered directly to the Office of Admissions

Information for International Students

If your prior education was not conducted in English, you must demonstrate proficiency with acceptable scores from the TOEFL, IELTS, or an ESL program. Review the  language and academic requirements to know if you are prepared for studying at Stritch. Review the We can also help you obtain an F-1 student visa.


Funding Your Education

The undergraduate degree programs are competitively priced to make your education affordable. Our counselors in the Financial Aid Office know how to help students identify all options available for funding their education. Learn more about our tuition and the financial aid process.

Alumni Network

More than 38,000 Stritch alumni are recognized worldwide for their leadership roles in businesses, health care organizations, corporations, educational institutions, entrepreneurial ventures and non-profit organizations. Responsive to the needs of their communities, Stritch graduates are critical thinkers, ethical decision-makers and lifelong learners.

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