Sociology examines how individuals, groups and institutions affect each other in a variety of social settings, from the most intimate setting to global international settings. Societal inequities due to age, social class, disability, ethnicity, gender, race and sexual orientation are central issues in the discipline. Sociology provides the student with the tools to evaluate theories and research about group behaviors and activities as well as how people behave in groups. The discipline also applies research findings to the development and assessment of social programs and policies. Undergraduates in sociology can enter a variety of fields such as community service programs, health care, human resources, electronic media, leisure management, marketing and survey research, policing, public administration and urban planning.

The department offers a special program that prepares students for social work licensing. The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing has approved the curriculum for the Wisconsin Social Work Training Certificate. An extensive internship of 400 hours is required. This program can be taken by both Sociology and Psychology majors. Following graduation from Stritch, students must apply to the State of Wisconsin for a Social Work Training Certificate, and then pass state and national exams to become a certified social worker (CSW).


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●  Credits: 120
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Read the expert perspective of Angela Barian, Ph.D., chair and assistant professor, sociology, in “Multiple Lenses,” a feature that appeared in the Summer 2018 digital issue of Stritch Magazine. She and three other faculty members use the lens of their academic disciplines to weigh in on factors that shape identity.

Sociology Major: 36 credits (33 department credits, 3 auxiliary credits)

Required courses for major: SC 101, 201, 304, 380, 401, 403 and five elective courses in sociology
Required auxiliary course for major: MT 120 with a minimum grade of “C.”

Major In Sociology With Social Work Training Certificate Preparation: 48 or 51 credits (42 department credits, 6 or 9 auxiliary credits)

Required courses for major: SC 101, 210, 211, 212, 216, 304, 380, 401, 403 and five elective courses in sociology.
Required auxiliary courses for major: MT 120 and PS 190 OR MT 120 and PS 101, 220, 221, and 223.
NOTE: Auxiliary courses are required courses which do not have the major department designation and are therefore not reflected in the number of department credits required for the major or minor. Auxiliary courses may be used for other degree requirements, such as for general education (core) or elective requirements.

Sociology Minor: 21 credits

Required courses: SC 101, 201, 304, and four elective courses in sociology

Education Certification With Sociology Minor: 24 credits

Required courses for a sociology minor for secondary education licensure: SC 101, 203, 380, and five elective courses in sociology
Required sociology courses for Social Studies Minor for Elementary Teachers with Sociology emphasis: SC 101, 380, 201 or one approved sociology elective course

PLO 1  Understanding Key Concepts: The student understands key sociological concepts.
PLO 2  Explaining the Sociological Perspective: The student understands the sociological perspective.
PLO 3  Interpreting Inequality & Diversity: The student is able to interpret inequality and diversity.
PLO 4  Analyzing Social Theory: The student is able to analyze social theory.
PLO 5  Designing Social Research: The student is able to design social research.

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•  Complete the Admissions Application 
Submit the admissions application which is free to complete online.

•  Request Transcripts
Have official transcripts from each college or university delivered directly to the Office of Admissions

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If your prior education was not conducted in English, you must demonstrate proficiency with acceptable scores from the TOEFL, IELTS, or an ESL program. Review the  language and academic requirements to know if you are prepared for studying at Stritch. Review the We can also help you obtain an F-1 student visa.


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