Planning Advising Support Success

StritchPASS Launching Fall 2017!

As many of you know already, and as the remainder will learn quickly, the University has joined the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) developed by the Education Advisory Board (Washington D.C.). The Education Advisory Board is a best-practices research and consulting firm that has developed the Student Success Collaborative as a means of contributing to the improvement of institutional understanding and practices regarding student success. Cardinal Stritch University is one of over 200 universities that are a part of the collaborative and have access to the predictive analytics advising platform, best practice research studies and collaborative members that will enhance our efforts around increasing student success.

As we endearingly refer to it as StritchPASS” (planning advising support success), the platform combines technology, research, process improvement and predictive analytics to help institutions positively inflect outcomes with students. By accessing and analyzing underutilized academic data, we help members unlock hidden insights about patterns of student success. These insights allow advisors, faculty, and retention specialists who sit on the front lines of student engagement to have earlier, more proactive, and more data-driven conversations with students. StritchPASS members have access not only to an innovative web-based platform, but to a collection of services—from live webinars to national student success summits—designed to facilitate cross-membership learning and maximize the value of participation.

Key ways this initiative will benefit Cardinal Stritch University: 

• Support the focus on retention and student success among advisors, academic departments and colleges by providing a robust workflow technology
• Leverage “big data” by analyzing past student performance at Cardinal Stritch University with the goal of identifying where students tend to get stuck or slowed down on their way to graduation, and to find the pathways and support services that most enable a student to be successful
• Foster a change in how advising is performed to a proactive intervention-based approach predicated on current behavioral outcome measures (academic performance) and future course requirements (success rate within upcoming courses by student’s ability and academic program cohort peers)
• Provide students and advisors course and academic major success metrics including alternative course and academic major trajectories

StritchPASS can be accessed by clicking here.