Advising for Evening and Online Undergraduate Students

Welcome to Cardinal Stritch University. We are excited that you have decided to join our programs in the College of Business & Management! The Academic Advising staff will assist you throughout your academic career and will be your main resource whether you attend on campus or online. 

The first step to begin your journey is to understand the necessary program requirements that you will need to complete to earn your degree. All of the information needed to successfully register is at your fingertips. However, if you have detailed questions and would prefer to meet with an academic advisor to register, please contact your admissions representation to set up that meeting.

Below are a few pieces of general information about your program, how to know/find your specific requirements, how to register, etc. that we recommend you look at prior to meeting with your Academic Advisor for the first time.  If you do not have that opportunity, though, do not worry as your Academic Advisor will spend time explaining all of these things to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and are here to be a resource throughout your educational journey!
Step 1:  Review your Advising Worksheet
Access and print your advising worksheet/course needs.  To access your advising worksheet, follow the steps outlined in the document below:

  1. REVIEW: Steps for Accessing your Advising Worksheet
  2. Access and Print your Advising Worksheet

Step 2:  Understand your Program Expectations and Requirements
Each program in the College of Business & Management has specific program requirements.  To view your program requirements click on the link for your major below.
  1. Bachelor of Science in Management
  2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  3. Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management
  4. Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management of Information Systems

Step 3:  Register for Classes
You are required to meet with your Academic Advisor to register prior to your first semester at Stritch to receive registration clearance.  Once you have started your program, you are no longer required to have formal meetings with your Academic Advisor, though we do strongly suggest that at minimum you keep in contact you’re your Academic Advisor via phone and/or email.

Students in the College of Business & Management Evening & Online programs almost always take SEM 104 as their first course. This course is a great introduction to Stritch, our resources for undergraduate students, and the program. However, if SEM 104 is not available as your first class, you should be sure to register for SEM 104 as soon as possible.

We advise that you keep in contact with your Academic Advisor throughout your program to make sure that you are staying on track to graduate on time.  Academic Advisors are experts of all the behind the scenes processes, procedures, and policies at the university so when in doubt, contact your Academic Advisor.
BE AWARE - Courses are available at multiple locations (including online and on-ground courses). Please pay attention to the location of the courses you are choosing.
  1. REVIEW: Steps for Adding Classes
**Students beginning in September will typically register for 2 courses: One that begins at the end of September and one that begins in November.
  • Registration for spring & summer courses begins in late October/early November.
  • Registration for fall courses begins in late March/early April.
If you have any questions about how to register, or if you would like to meet with an advisor to register, please contact your Academic Advisor, whose information is listed on the top of your advising worksheet.
Step 4:  Purchase Textbooks & Live Text; Prepare for Classes
To be prepared for your first course, you should find and purchase your textbook prior to the beginning of class.  There are two recommended methods for finding books- either purchasing your books through our campus bookstore (link below titled “How to Find Books Online”) or by finding the ISBN number for your textbook(s) and purchasing them elsewhere either online or at a brick and mortar store (link below titled “How to Find Your ISBN Number”).  You can purchase your books anywhere you’d like in any format (i.e. paperback, hardcover, digital, rental, new, or used)- as long as you have a copy of the book for the duration of your course you will be fine!

In addition to textbooks, you will also need to purchase a subscription to Live Text.  This is a one-time purchase that will cover you for the duration of your degree as long as you stay on track and graduate on time.  Instructions on how to purchase Live Text are below.

Step 5:  Review information about Stritch Technology
Students who are successful utilize the full range of technological resources made available to students. You must set-up and access WolfMail (your Stritch email account), My Stritch, and Canvas. All of these resources are referenced here.
Your academic advisor is excited to help you through this journey! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to meet in-person, do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor. We are here to help you!

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