Advising for New Freshmen Students

Welcome to Cardinal Stritch University! First year Students have a vast network of people and resources to assist them in their transition to academic life at Stritch and help them plan their goals. All incoming students are assigned to an academic advisor that helps students to understand their CORE requirements and also fosters connection and engagement with a diverse range of programs and services on campus. Also, our office has a dedicated Career Counselor to assist any student that has not declared a major. It is our goal that by the time you complete your freshman year you will have a personalized 4-year graduation plan that outlines your core requirements as well as your major-specific classes. 

Freshmen Advising Experience

To ensure new students connect with their Student Success Advisors in time to make the most of their college experience and address concerns as soon as possible, students are required to meet with their SSC Advisor at least once their first semester. Student Success Center Advisors work collaboratively with students to provide structured support and practice for selecting courses, tracking degree progress, and exploring career and major interests. Students hold sole responsibility for ensuring that degree requirements are met. However, Advisors make this possible by helping students build the confidence and critical thinking skills needed to confront new challenges and connect with new opportunities.

  • All new Freshmen must attend a mandatory first semester meeting with your academic advisor.  
    You will discuss your College Student Inventory (CSI) survey results, talk about how your first semester is going, discuss major and career goals and get connected to University resources. 

  • Registration for 2nd semester will begin before you know it.  
    During October, students will begin to meet with their major advisors (if needed) and will attend a group registration session with the academic and peer advisors from the Student Success Center to craft a schedule and register for classes. 

  • Student Success Workshops are designed for 2nd semester freshmen and are focused on two important topics: major/career exploration or graduation plans.  
    Students who have a declared major are encouraged to attend the Graduation Planning workshop to work with their advisor to draft their 4-year graduation plan.  

Freshmen Year Timeline Guide

Academic Resources

Navigating college can be tricky, and your academic advisor is here to help you. You can also help yourself by understanding your academic resources. 

  • The Academic Calendar lists all important dates for the University. 
  • The Course Catalog is a publication lists all courses and programs in the undergraduate curriculum, graduation requirements, and academic and financial policies in effect as of the beginning of the fall term each year. You should always refer to the course catalog for the academic year you begin your studies at Stritch. 
  • Academic Support offers free tutoring for all Stritch students and provides professional, individualized assistance in a variety of areas. This includes tutoring on the main campus, online and our OWL (Online Writing Lab). 
  • Many resources are available, including tools to help students understand how to navigate their curriculum. Students have access to their individualized course needs/advising worksheet through MyStritch. CORE curriculum guides are available to help students best navigate which courses to choose for their core. 

Academic Advising Syllabus

The majority of colleges and universities use a course syllabus as a regular part of every student's classroom education. Because academic advising is an essential part of a student's education, just like classes, an academic advising syllabus is also available through the Academic & Career Advising Office and is an essential tool which outlines the advising relationship and experience a student will have at Cardinal Stritch University. Students should review the academic advising syllabus.

Spring Student Success Workshops

Student Success Advising Workshops are required for second semester freshmen to meet their requirement for mandatory academic advising. These workshops help students understand their academic plans prior to sophomore year registration. Workshops focus on two different areas: Career Exploration or Graduation Planning.


Graduation Planning Workshops present students the necessary information and process for creating a 4-year graduation plan! Students will leave the workshop with an initial draft of a graduation plan for their core requirements. Students will practice using their Advising Worksheet and CORE Guides to plot scheduling options for their remaining CORE classes and ensure an orderly progression towards on-time graduation. The graduation plan is reviewed with their major advisor(s) and should be finalized by the end of the freshmen year. This allows students to see a clear path to graduation, including course and credit requirements for each semester.


Career Exploration Workshops are perfect for students who are undeclared or are unsure of their career path. Students will discover their personality strengths and how they fit with future career success. The Career Exploration Workshop will utilize an online career development program that will assess students' personality, interests and values to help them explore careers that match natural strengths. Along the way, students will gain a better understanding of themself and others!


Although Student Success Advising workshops are required for second-semester freshmen, they are open to all traditional undergraduate students.


Finish in Four!

Our goal is to help each student develop a plan that will allow them to graduate in four years!  Many students ask why it is important to graduate in four year.  Think about this...

  • Graduate School: Many graduate programs only accept students to begin in the fall term. Delaying your graduation by one semester may lead to a one-year delay in entering and completing a graduate degree.
  • Employment: Graduating in four years will benefit students who are seeking employment after graduation. Students are able to enter the job force earlier and begin to experience enhance earning power from their college degree.
  • Cost: Tuition typically increases each year. Graduating in four years will save students money, oftentimes thousands of dollars.

Students in any major at Stritch can finish their degree in four years; however, it takes planning. Students should work with their academic advisor during their freshmen year to plan for four-year graduation. Students who declare double majors, minors or are delayed in choosing a major may take additional time to finish their degree.


Freshmen Advising Sheets

The best way to finish in four years is to start your freshmen year off right. Find out more information about your major and what courses you will take during your freshmen year using the freshmen advising sheets below.

Accounting  Art  Biology 
Business  Chemistry  Communication 
Computer Science  Criminal Justice  Education 
English and Writing  Graphic Design  History and Broadfield Social Studies 
International Business  Marketing  Math 
Nursing  Photography Political Science 
Psychology  Public Relations  Religious Studies 
Sociology  Spanish Sport Management