Social Justice Opportunities

An authentic faith – which is never comfortable or completely personal – always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better that we found it. We love this magnificent planet on which God has put us, and we love the human family which dwells here, with all its tragedies and struggles, its hopes and aspirations, its strengths and weaknesses. The earth is our common home and all of us are brothers and sisters. If indeed “the just ordering of society and of the state is a central responsibility of politics”, the Church “cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice”. #183 - Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis

Working for social justice is an essential component of a life of faith.  Our Catholic tradition articulates this call through Catholic Social Teaching

We invite you to join as we commit acts of service, advocacy, and learning so that our faith may be truly authentic.

Social Justice Action 

Alternative Spring Break 



ASB program at Stritch

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ASB 2018

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St. Ben's Community Meal 

St. Ben's Community Meal is one of many programs under Capuchin Community Services of the Capuchin Friars which has had a relationship with Cardinal Stritch University for 30+ years.  The program helps people who are food insecure to have nutritious, hot meals.  Additionally, the program helps to provide individuals with an opportunity to connect in a safe environment.  University Ministry at Cardinal Stritch brings the main dish, serves, and eats with the guests at St. Ben's once a month on the first Thursday of the month. Students who are interested in participating please, sign up here.  Staff or Faculty who are interested in participating please sign up here

ASB History at Stritch

ASB began at Stritch through the Habitat for Humanity program.  Our four Franciscan Values:  Creating a Caring Community, Showing Compassion, Care for Creation, and Making Peace helped our local community of Stritch become more involved in our extended community through ASB.  We now work with a variety of non-profits that service people within their local communities.  Within the past few years we have traveled to: Baltimore; Franciscan Center et alia (2015), Nashville; Old School Farm to Table (2016), and Louisville; USpiritus (2017).

ASB 2018 Site 

This year, Cardinal Stritch University will work with the Franciscan Sisters for the Poor through Franciscan Ministries located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Franciscan Ministries focuses on assisting various non-profits within the Cincinnati, Ohio area including working with the aged, homeless, and food insecure populations.  Through their work, they provide human dignity and respect people who are disenfranchised.   For more information about the site, please visit Franciscan Ministries or the Franciscan Sisters for the Poor websites.

Application and Process

ASB 2018 is scheduled from March 4th through 10th.  If you think that this experience is for you, please complete the application. The program requires an application, interview process, student fund raising, a pre and post trip reflection, and a $250.00 student fee.  If you have questions please contact the Assistant Director of University Ministry.  

Social Justice Education

  • Catholic Relief Services: 2-3 students attend a Catholic Relief Services conference to learn more about how to educate students on campus about relevant social justice issues.

  • IFYC Meetings: The Interfaith Youth Core provides students with skills and training to become interfaith leaders on campus. The organization engages these students at meetings during the year.

  • Other: We have speakers and presentations based on the themed topics of the month/semester.