One Card Services

At Stritch we want to make your identity within our community safe, convenient and comprehensive. 

  • That’s why our new “One Card” uses that latest technology to secure your information
  • That’s why our new “One Card” will serve a growing list of services and activities
  • That’s why our new “One Card” makes the user experience quicker and easier
  • That’s why our new “One Card” can be used for official recognition on campus and off

This new card will need to be carried and submitted where authentication and authenticated services are provided.

Current Student, Faculty, or Staff  (with photo from old ID Card system)

  • IF YOU WISH, you may re-submit your photo at the new MyStritch photo upload site.
  • Pick up your One Card in the lower level of Bonaventure Hall at the Technology Help Desk BH023B.  Upload your photo here!

New Student, Faculty, or Staff (or current member of Stritch’s community who did not submit a photo) **

  • Photo must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • JPG format, with no borders and no filters
  • A color photo on a solid light background
  • Photo must show your full face, the top of shoulders to the top your head, with some blank space above the head
  • Photo background should not include other people, animals, props, objects, outdoor settings, etc.
  • Photo must show you looking straight at the camera (No side profiles or extreme close ups!)
  • Minimal shadowing on the face
  • Straight face or smile – no funny faces please
  • No red eye or flash reflection on glasses or contact lenses
  • No hats, sunglasses, jewelry, or garments that obstruct the view of your face
  • Personal appearance showing clothing without logo apparel
  • Selfies are ok as long as you meet the above criteria!

Is your Card Lost, Stolen or in need of an official name change?


The university will issue a complimentary replacement One-Card for the following reasons:

  • Official Name Change
  • Stolen (police report required)

For damaged or lost cards and all other situations the following replacement costs apply:   [9/14/2017  -  subject to change]

  • Full university One Card  -  $15
  • Secondary mag stripe card [Nursing, Voter, etc…]  -  $2


  • You must first contact the help desk at (414) 410-4600 to explain the reason for your replacement card (or photo & card.) Please leave a message (including your contact information) if there is not an attendant on duty.

IF it is determined that a new photo is necessary, then:

  • Follow process for Photo Upload after accepting Terms & Conditions.
  • Charge will be automatically placed on your student account or requested at pickup location.
  • Current card must be returned to the Library One Card production office prior to release unless officially accepted as stolen.

Living Responsibly with your One Card

Caring for what has been provided to us is a Franciscan value.  Along with that a more powerful card also means increased responsibilities for members of the Stritch community.  We are counting on you daily to:

  • To provide requested documentation when initially obtaining your One Card
  • Keep your One Card securely in your possession.
  • To provide it to university personnel when requested
  • To avoid actions that will cause damage or loss to your One Card
  • To use only the One Card issued to you
  • To understand that the One Card may have a fiscal or service balance on it that is your responsibility
  • To understand that improper use of your One Card can bring university and legal penalties
  • To understand that the card belongs to the university and must be surrendered upon request by authorized personnel and when leaving the university

Cardinal Stritch University   One Card terms & conditions

1.         The Stritch One Card is the official Cardinal Stritch University identification card and is used to access many services on campus. The card should be carried at all times while on campus and at campus sponsored events.

2.         The Stritch One Card is the property of Cardinal Stritch University.  It is not transferable and should never be loaned to anyone at any time. 

3.         Cardholders are responsible for all card use, including financial responsibility for purchases made with, or stored value on, the Stritch One Card.

4.         If a card is lost or stolen it should be reported immediately. The card may be reported as lost or stolen 24/7 to the university helpdesk at (414) 410-4600.

5.         A $15 fee will be charged to replace cards that are lost or damaged due to misuse or neglect.  [$2.00 for special mag-stripe only cards.] 

6.         ID photos are stored electronically for identification and security purposes. Photos are available to authorized staff and faculty and on approved university information systems. 

7.         Unauthorized or misuse of the Stritch One Card may result in confiscation of the card and/or disciplinary action brought under the Cardinal Stritch University Student Code of Conduct and/or through outside legal authorities.

8.         Willful misrepresentation to obtain a Stritch One Card, or alteration of a Stritch One Card will be regarded as an attempt to defraud or obtain University property under false pretenses. Charges may be brought under the Cardinal Stritch University Student Code of Conduct and/or through outside legal authorities.

9.         Stritch One Cards will remain active as long as you are enrolled or employed with the University. If your enrollment or employment should end, your Stritch One Card privileges will no longer be active. The Stritch One Card remains the property of the Cardinal Stritch University and must be presented or relinquished upon demand by University personnel.

10.       These terms and conditions are administered by the Stritch One Card Center.

11.       Changes may be made to these terms & conditions by Cardinal Stritch University at its own discretion.  These will be publically available on the Stritch One Card website.

What is on my new One Card?

In case you are wondering what is on your Stritch One Card and why it is there please see the sample images and explanations below:

Card Front

  • Photo - Passport style photo for identification purposes
  • Stritch Logo - Official representation of Stritch One Card
  • Name - Official Name on record only, may not match informal name
  • University ID# - Unique ID# maintained by the University
  • Library ID# - Unique ID# used by SWITCH, Koha and information services authentication
  • Primary Status - Student/employee designation

Card Back

  • Ownership - Indication that the card belongs to Cardinal Stritch University
  • Contact Info - Contact information for One Card Service
  • Mag Stripe - Use with locations and services that have a mag stripe reader
  • Barcode # - Numerical representation of bar code
  • Bar Code - Used for Library and SWITCH authentication

Need assistance from the Technology Help Desk?
Phone: (414) 410-4600  |   Place in a Request: Self Help Ticketing Portal  |   Contact IT from our email form.