Student Resources


Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service that is available to all Cardinal Stritch University students. Smarthinking employs tutors from across the country who provide assistance with English and Writing, Mathematics, and many other disciplines. Stritch students can connect and interact with a live tutor, submit their writing, or submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor. Students can access Smarthinking's service in Canvas, by clicking on the "Smarthinking" tab. In some subjects, tutoring is available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For tutorial videos, view Smarthinking's Youtube Channel, which provides helpful how-to videos.

Online Writing Lab

The OWL is one of many tutorial services offered to all Cardinal Stritch University students through Academic Support. Students can use The OWL to submit drafts of college writing assignments for any subject electronically. OWL tutors, who are professional staff members in Academic Support, then review the writing submissions and provide prompt, holistic feedback.

Students should visit The Online Writing Lab Home Page for detailed information about the service and to submit a paper. For further information and explanations about OWL guidelines, rules, and limitations, please visit the OWL FAQ page.

Academic Coaching

Need some tips on how to handle tests? Is Canvas confusing?  Having trouble organizing all your assignments? Do you wonder where all your time for studying went? We can help! Make an appointment for Academic Coaching and get assistance from professional staff in Academic Support!

Academic Coaching is personalized student support for students seeking assistance with study strategies, time management, goal-setting and self-awareness. Academic Coaches can help with:
•             Organization and time management
•             Understanding your syllabus
•             Navigating Canvas
•             Note taking and study skills
•             Goal setting
•             Test Anxiety
•             Presentation tips and tricks
•             Academic and social life balance

Academic Coaching offers strategies and support for your academic success. Please note that Academic Coaches are NOT Academic Advisors. Conversations with advisors focus on planning curriculum and meeting requirements for graduation, while Academic Coaching allows space for everything in between, focusing on the areas listed to the left. 

All students are allowed up to two hours of Academic Coaching a week, separate from tutoring time.  Most appointments are 30 minutes or one hour.  To book an appointment with one of our professional coaches use this link, sign up on StritchPASS


English Language Learner (ELL) Support

Is English your second language? Are you an international student? Was English not the primary language spoken in your family/home growing up?

Adjusting to college classes conducted in English and developing university-level academic skills in English can be a challenge. We can help! Make an appointment with our ELL Specialist to receive personal tutoring in any of the following:
  • Listening and taking notes during lectures
  • Standard English grammar and punctuation
  • Pronunciation and understanding native English speakers’ pronunciation
  • Academic writing in English
  • Academic discussion skills
  • Any other English-related issues you may be having!
We will also be offering group workshops and conversation clubs for English Language Learners throughout the semester. Contact Keeley Madison for more information! or set up an appointment via StritchPASS

Citation Help

Information and examples of APA, MLA, or Chicago Style citations, references and formatting can be found in Library Resources.

Research Help

Search library databases, find articles, books, journals, or get help from a Reference Librarian.

Accessibility Software and Screen Readers