Tutoring Services

Academic Support offers in-person (and online!*) peer and professional tutoring services for Stritch students who are currently enrolled in classes. Tutoring services are available in most subject areas, including:

  • English and Writing
  • Math
  • Nursing & Sciences
  • Business
  • Social Sciences, Languages, & Communication
  • Study Skills
  • ELL/ESL Support


Schedule an Appointment with a Tutor Based on a Course or Subject Area

Students must use StritchPASS to schedule all tutoring sessions. All Stritch students have already been automatically enrolled in StritchPASS and can simply sign in with their existing Stritch username and password (see directions below). Students can use StritchPASS to view tutor availability in certain subjects before making an individual appointment. IMPORTANT: Please review the "Tutoring Guidelines" detailed below before you proceed to make an appointment.

*NEW! We now have online tutoring available for writing and select courses via Google Hangouts. Students can access Google Hangouts for free via their Wolfmail accounts, which are linked to Gmail. To schedule an online tutoring session, students should follow the steps below, and select 'Online' as the location. They will the be able to schedule a time and day to log into an online tutoring session. Online tutoring is not available for all courses or subjects. Students should have a working webcam and microphone to use Google Hangouts in these online sessions. 

Walk-In Tutoring

*New for 2019-20!

No prior appointment necessary! Just drop in to the new Student Success Study Area in the back of BH 1058 every Wednesday and Thursday during designated times to get 100-200 level tutoring in:
  • WRITING     Wednesdays   11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • MATH          Thursdays       12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • NURSING    Thursdays       12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
*Regular tutoring still available for these subjects by appointment on StritchPASS

How to Schedule an Appointment

All students can access StritchPASS here on this page, via the main university website, or via Canvas. 
(Also, Please review the Tutoring Guidelines listed below before scheduling an appointment).

1. No need to register or sign up! Simply log in with your Stritch username and password (these are same credentials you use to log into MyStritch, Canvas, or Wolfmail).

2. Once you've successfully logged in, on the StritchPASS home page, click on the big blue button on the right that says "Schedule Tutoring Appointment."

3. From there, you can select either TUTORING (for specific courses) or WRITING LAB, and then follow the prompts to select the subject/area, tutor, location, and appointment time/date that is available. The system limits students who select the tutoring option to only classes in which they are currently enrolled. Default appointments are 30 minutes long; students may schedule up to 4 sessions per week (per subject), and are limited to 2 sessions per day.

4. On the final confirmation screen, you will be able to review all the appointment details, and add any comments about what you would like to review during the appointment. You will also have the option to receive an email or text reminder for your appointment.

5. When you are ready, click on the blue "Confirm Appointment" button, and you are all set!

   Tutoring Guidelines & Overview

  • Services are FREE for all current Stritch students.
  • Tutoring sessions are conducted by trained and qualified peer tutors in Academic Support. Professional staff & faculty members are also available to tutor in some specific areas. 
  • Depending on subject area, sessions are provided in one-on-one or small-group settings.
  • Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long, and students are limited to four sessions per week, per subject area. Students may schedule up to two sessions per day (back-to-back 30-min. sessions are permitted in the same subject if desired).
  • Tutoring sessions are held in Bonaventure Hall offices in room BH 1058. Check in for tutoring appointments at the Student Services Desk.
  • Tutoring is available in most undergraduate programs and courses.
  • Tutoring for graduate students and other upper-level courses is limited. Check StritchPASS or contact Academic Support for information on options for graduate students.
  • Writing tutoring and support is available for students across all levels (undergraduate and graduate), departments, and subject areas. However, tutoring will NOT be available for ANY dissertations, theses, or capstone projects. Students are encouraged to work with their faculty advisors for guidance and feedback on these projects.

Our goal is to help students learn and develop strong study skills, so we have implemented a number of expectations and guidelines in an effort to encourage growth and integrity in the tutoring process:

What to Expect During a Tutoring Session

  • Expect a warm welcome! Expect a knowledgeable staff member or peer tutor who is ready and able to address your primary concerns.
  • Expect to collaborate with your tutor in setting manageable, realistic goals within the tutoring environment.
  • Expect to ask questions and have a discussion, review relevant, necessary materials, problems, concepts, or papers.
  • Expect a comfortable learning environment, and expect to contribute to the session. Expect the tutor to answer your questions to the best of his or her ability.
  • Expect to prepare for the session. That means doing necessary reading and bringing necessary materials such as syllabus, textbooks, rubrics, or assignment sheets. Tutors are prepared to help students review the material, and can supplement in teaching some concepts. However, they are NOT here to teach you ALL of the material.

What NOT to Expect During a Tutoring Session

  • Do not expect tutors to do your work for you, do your reading for you, or edit or proofread your papers. Tutoring is a conversation between two active participants, and students should come in prepared to work with tutors, not to have the tutors correct work for them.
    • Tutors can review concepts, help students talk through ideas, and ask probing questions. Ultimately, success is up to the students; the more actively students participate in classes and in the tutoring sessions, the more students get out of each tutoring session in Academic Support.
  • Do not expect tutors to work on dissertations, theses, or capstone projects
  • Our tutors are trained according to guidelines in our comprehensive Peer Training Manual

Special Request Form:

If you are unable to find a specific undergraduate course or subject offered by tutors in StritchPASS you can use the Special Request Form to contact Academic Support about getting a peer tutor, and we will get in touch with you and do our best to accommodate your request. However we cannot guarantee a tutor for every subject/request. Please be sure that you have viewed all schedules and tutor availability on StritchPASS before making a special request. 

Loss of Tutoring Privileges Policy:

Six cancelled 30-minute appointments (or three cancelled 1-hour appointments) with less than 12 hours’ notice will result in loss of tutoring privileges for the semester. The student will be locked out of his or her StritchPASS tutoring options account until the applicable posted tutoring calendar is concluded.

HOWEVER, if the student wishes to be reinstated before the end of the semester/term, he or she will need to write an appeal and schedule time to meet with Amber Fox and discuss the appeal.  The earliest a student can be reinstated is two weeks from the date of the system lockout. The student can use the appeal process only once each semester/term.