New Employee Onboarding at Cardinal Stritch University

Congratulations on your new position, and welcome to Cardinal Stritch University! You’ve picked a great place to work, and we’re glad to have you here. Keep in mind that onboarding is a process that can take several months. Take your time to get to know the lay of the land, both within your immediate work environment and the University as a whole. Take advantage of the many opportunities to network with fellow members of our community; building relationships is key. Here are some of the first steps most University employees need to take to get started.

Step One - Activate your Account

Your User Name and temporary password can be found in the account information letter sent that you picked up at HR. Your User Name identifies you in the Cardinal Stritch University system and permits access to, Microsoft Office 365 ( Email),  Wolfmail, and access to all of the technology resources located on campus.

Please visit to complete your account setup. 

  • Click on the box “I Know My Username"
  • ​Click on the box “I Know My Password”
  • Type in your Username and temporary password shown in your account information letter and click “Continue”
  • Follow prompts to setup your security questions
  • Provide a secure new personal password and complete the process

Step Two - Check your Email

The Main email for all faculty and staff if the Microsoft 365 which is what we would recommend that you use to communicate with your students and other employees.
  • Log into your Email from the Web:
  • Once you come in to campus you will work with the Technology Help Desk Training to set up Outlook on your computer.

Note: All of the students on campus are currently working on Wolfmail accounts which are hosted by by Google© and accounts are created by and affiliated with Cardinal Stritch University branding. 

We do create a Wolfmail/Google© Account for each employee as well. We would encourage you to set up an email forward on that account to your Microsoft 365 Account. This allows you to use the options that both services provide.

Step Three - Visit My.Stritch Website

Once you have completed the steps to activate your account, you can login to the MyStritch portal.  MyStritch is a web based information portal where you can access and manage your information using a web browser. Faculty and Staff can review timecards, paystubs, HR Forms, Parking Pass Portal, and more.   
You will use your Stritch User Name to login to the


Step Four - Sign Up for Stritch University Alerts

Cardinal Stritch University utilizes the Omnilert e2Campus  alerts to all registered users via email and text messaging.All students, faculty and staff are auto enrolled in this system and emergency notifications will be sent to their official University email address. If your personal email address and/or mobile number are on file (in Jenzabar) with Stritch, you will automatically be enrolled to receive alerts via these additional methods. You are strongly encouraged to verify or add your personal email address and/or mobile phone number by logging in to My Stritch and completing the steps below.

By updating your personal email address and mobile phone number, you are ensuring that you will also receive convenient email and text alerts in the event that inclement weather forces one of our sites to close, systems have significant outages or other important messages are communicated to the Stritch community.
  • Log in to My Stritch. Go to Stritch Resources at the top menu and select Emergency Notifications on the left menu or click on this link to access the input form:  Login with your My Stritch username and password.  
  • Update or add as much of the information as you wish. Remember that you must also click the checkbox to confirm you would like to receive notifications to your personal email address.
  • Make sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the form to complete the process.
  • If you add or change your personal email address or mobile telephone number, you will need to reply to the validation message sent to your email address and/or mobile phone and then refresh the My Stritch form page to confirm you have finished the registration process.
  • To opt out of text messaging, text STOP to 79516 on your mobile phone.
All data will be kept confidential and stored in your official Stritch record. This information will NOT be shared with third parties. This My Stritch form is always available for you to change your contact information and notification settings. 

Step Five - Canvas

Canvas is the newest and most internet and user friendly Learning Management System available.  In general a learning management system (or LMS) is a web platform designed for supporting courses for students and faculty and can and will be used at Stritch for courses being delivered in all formats including face-to-face classroom experiences.  While no system is perfect Canvas has been rated as one of the easiest to use, and most feature rich.

Getting Connected: User account are automatically created for all Stritch employees, but this tool will only become useful to you when courses that you have officially enrolled in or are assigned to in Canvas.  

  • To log in find the CANVAS link. It is found in the footer and other key locations on the Stritch website or visit directly at:
  • Use your Stritch domain account Username and Password. 
  • Find out if your favorite device is prepared
  • You will automatically be enrolled into the Technology Help Desk's Windows10/Digicopy training. (We offer full training service for that as well) 
If you will be teaching a course using Canvas we would like to encourage you to take a look at this training guide.

Step Six - Once on Campus

  • View or print a map of campus.
  • Stop at the Library - You can have your photo taken for your OneCard.
  • Stop at the Technology Help Desk (BH023B) you can pick up your Parking Pass. Be sure to know the make/model and License plate number of your car.


Technology Help Desk

Phone: (414) 410-4600
Place in a Request: Self Help Ticketing Portal
Contact IT from our contact form.

Campus Training: The Technology Help Desk Offers training on the following topics: New Hire Orientations* , Windows10, SMART boards, DigiCopy (Copycenter), Google Drive, and more. Please visit our website for more information and to sign up for any of our upcoming sessions.

*When your technology is deployed you will have a one hour session with a member of the THD team. We will review the basics of the computer/software that you were issues. We will also set up your printers and Outlook. If you have any questions be sure that ask at that time so we can get them answered or placed in as a Work Order/Ticket request for follow up.


Human Resources 

You can also contact a member of the HR team. To find your contact please visit: 

  1. Search Mode: Department
  2. Department: Human Resources