University Ministry

University Ministry is for everyone in the Stritch community!

We offer a variety of opportunities for prayer, reflection, spiritual enrichment, and service. 

All of these opportunities are focused on our current Value of the Year.



Franciscan Value of the Year 

Showing Compassion

Each year, Stritch focuses on one of the four Franciscan values we cherish. This year, we are focusing on the value of Showing Compassion. 

To practice this value we will: 

  • Understand what it means to be in and live compassionately
  • Learn new tools to help develop compassion
    • Affirm the lives and understand the concerns of people within our local and greater community
    • Challenge ideas and events that speak against the dignity of every human person
  • Explore through texts like Evangelii Gaudium which tells us that, “…openness to those who accompany us, will teach us to be patient and compassionate with others...”
  • Engage in a small group setting to pray, appreciate, and focus on our similarities instead of our differences
  • Collaborate with others in the community to learn about and create opportunities for compassion

Faith and Fellowship/Spiritual Development

Celebrations are held throughout the year acknowledging the influence of Ss. Francis, Clare, and other Franciscans who have inspired us.

University Ministry provides many different options for spiritual growth. For example, we gather as a community to grow and explore our spirituality and faith in the following activities:

Bible Study

  • Small groups join to talk about faith formation and spiritual development as it relates to different topics found in Scripture

  • Topic examples: Women and Spirituality, Caring for Creation, Faith Through the Parables of Jesus

  • Contact the Assistant Director of University Ministry if you would like to join a small group

Prayer Services

  • We gather to celebrate prayer services in English, Spanish, and both languages. We pray for our community members, the earth, God's creation, and with special intention in light of current social justice events 

  • Many prayer services are student led and organized. If you are interested in planning prayer services, contact the Assistant Director of Mission Integration

  • Examples of prayer services: Thanksgiving Prayer Service, Mass of the Holy Spirit, Transitus, etc.


  • Students, Staff, and Faculty are invited to spend 60 minutes connecting with God and each other through the Real Presence


  • An opportunity to experience praise, worship, reflection, and prayer with contemporary Christian music


  • A chance for students to engage in artistic, creative, tasks designed for fellowship and social justice


  • Students discuss issues and explore subject matters that affect and concern them

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