One Card Services

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At Stritch we want to make your identity within our community safe, convenient and comprehensive. 

  • That’s why our new “One Card” uses that latest technology to secure your information
  • That’s why our new “One Card” will serve a growing list of services and activities
  • That’s why our new “One Card” makes the user experience quicker and easier
  • That’s why our new “One Card” can be used for official recognition on campus and off

  Starting in fall 2016 this new card will need to be carried and submitted where authentication and authenticated services are provided.  Don’t be left without yours. Cards for new students, faculty, & staff will go into production in early August and cards for returning or continuing members of our community will be available for pickup beginning September 7th.

Let’s get started.

Do you have your new One Card yet?  If no then which category do you fall into?

Current Student, Faculty, or Staff  (with photo from old ID Card system)

IF YOU WISH, you may re-submit your photo at the new MyStritch photo upload site until the end of business Monday August 22nd, 2016. Pick up your One Card at the Help Desk in the lower level of Bonaventure Hall between September 7-30, 2016.

    Upload your photo here!

        New Student, Faculty, or Staff (or current member of Stritch’s community who did not submit a photo) **

        All Stritch One Cards now require a photo

          Upload your photo here!

          If you have questions, contact the university helpdesk at:  414 410-4600