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The Health and Wellness Center

Your health is critical to your success

The Health and Wellness Center is comprised of both the Student Health Clinic (or Student Health Services) and Counseling Services.

The Health and Wellness Center at Stritch provides care and treatment to our students in keeping with the Franciscan values. Open to all currently enrolled students, The Health and Wellness Center at Stritch offers confidential services promoting physical and mental health.

For any life–threatening situation, call 911; then, if possible, contact Security at (414) 410-4220.

Residence Life staff and Campus Security officers will assist in emergency situations for residents when the Student Health Center is closed.


Counseling Services

  • Bonaventure Hall 2113
  • (414) 410-4194

Health Services

  • Clare Hall 147
  • (414) 410-4097


Counseling Services

  • Bonaventure Hall 2113
  • (414) 410-4194

Health Services

  • Clare Hall 147
  • (414) 410-4097
student health center

Health Center


Monday: 9 a.m.–3 p.m. (walk-in appointments)

Tuesday–Thursday: 9 a.m.–3 p.m. (by appointment only)

Health Center is closed in summer.

Your health is of utmost importance. All traditional and non-traditional students currently enrolled at Stritch are eligible to use Counseling Services and Student Health Services for quality, on-campus care.

Cost: Counseling is provided at no cost to students. All medical Health Services provided are low cost or no cost to current students. 

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student counseling services

Counseling Services

Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Additional hours available upon request.

Counseling Services is closed in summer.

Cost:  All services are no cost to current students.

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All clients will be served in a confidential and nonjudgmental environment with a caring and respectful attitude. All medical records and client visits are confidential. No one may be allowed access to patient records without written permission of the individual. Confidentiality is broken only in cases where a client is likely to harm himself/herself, someone else, or jeopardize the welfare of the University.

Marcia A. Jaskulski

Health Services Coordinator

Sally E. La Rosa

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner - Health Services

Student Affairs - Student Life

(414) 410-4854

Heidi K. Aringer

Therapist - Counseling/Mental Wellness

Mary Beth Wisniewski

Associate Director of Wellness Center|Adjunct Faculty - College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Student Affairs - Student Life|Health Sciences

(414) 410-4194