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The Upper Zoom

Gather with the Saint Clare Center's virtual community for a series of online mini-retreats throughout 2020-2021 that will help you reflect on your faith, refocus your vision, and renew your energy to serve others.

Here's what a few attendees of our pilot program during April and May had to say about the Upper Zoom:

"These retreats were my lifesaver during stay-at-home. I found solace and hope."

"They were great and they helped me in my ministry."

Michael Taylor

Spirited Leadership: Called to Stir It Up

May 19, 1:00 p.m. (Register HERE)

Cost: FREE

Description: Pentecost invites us to focus on the mission of the Church, and the role of the Holy Spirit in that mission. We should also reflect on our own role in that mission, and on how we are called to lead in this unique and challenging time. Let’s spend time thinking about how the Spirit is calling us to lead with clarity and with courage.

Led by Michael Taylor, Director of the Saint Clare Center.

Register now for Spirited Leadership: Called to Stir It Up.