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The Upper Zoom

Gather with the Saint Clare Center's virtual community for a series of monthly online mini-retreats throughout 2020-2021 that will help you reflect on your faith, refocus your vision, and renew your energy to serve others.

Here's what a few attendees of our pilot program during April and May had to say about the Upper Zoom:

"These retreats were my lifesaver during stay-at-home. I found solace and hope."

"They were great and they helped me in my ministry."

Michael Taylor

Inward, Upward, Outward: Reflecting on Calling

November 11, 2:00 p.m. (Register HERE)

Cost: $10/person

Description: Callings are not just about careers. God calls us in many ways throughout our lives. This mini- retreat will help us consider how we think about callings, and will help us reflect on living more authentically, faithfully, and generously.

Led by Michael Taylor, Director of the Saint Clare Center. Michael helps people learn and grow as disciples, ministers, and leaders.

Register now for Inward, Upward, Outward.

Cathy Melesky-Dante headshot

Mary: Walking Humbly with God

December 2, 7:00 p.m. (Register HERE)

Cost: $10/person

Description: Mary is one of the most celebrated women in our tradition, and a key figure in Advent. She has much to teach us about humility and accepting ourselves as we are, regardless of where we come from or what our experiences have been. Come and see what Mary can teach you.

Led by Cathy Melesky-Dante, spiritual director, a residence hall minister at Marquette, and a Ph.D. student. Cathy helps people recognize God's love for them, regardless of their background, and respond.

Register now for Mary.