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parish leadership workshop

Workshops for Parish Leadership

One or two day workshops intended for parish staff members, and perhaps pastoral council members, which will develop perspectives and practices for more effective leadership.

  • The Heart of Collaboration Effective collaboration requires practical skills, but it also requires a particular frame of mind and commitment of the Spirit. Parish leaders will assess their own readiness and identify strategies for improving collaboration. (One Day)
  • Strengthening our Gifts for Ministry Incorporating the StrengthsFinder assessment, parish leaders will identify ways to work more effectively, collaborate more productively and lead more purposefully. (One Day)
  • Everyone Leads Based on the book Everyone Leads by Chris Lowney, participants generate ideas for revitalizing their parish through a clear focus on mission, shared leadership, increased innovation and honest self-evaluation.
  • Courage, Compassion, and Conflict How a parish staff handles conflict can make the difference between a dynamic mission or a dysfunctional mess. Parish staff members work to have honest dialogue about tension, take steps toward increasing trust, and practice strategies for resolving conflicts. (Two Day. We recommend that this be held in four half-day sessions held over four months.)


Mini-retreats can be scheduled at your parish as a three-hour morning or a two-hour evening program. Participants are invited to grow spiritually and then turn toward service and ministry.

Compassion, Commitment, and Community: A Franciscan Vision for Today’s Church

St. Francis of Assisi heard the call to renew the church, and that same call comes to us today. But how do we do that? The example of St. Francis and St. Clare can inspire us to build communities of missionary disciples in the 21st century.

Called Anew: Reflecting on Purpose in the Second Half of Life

It’s not just for young people – it turns out that later adulthood/retirement is also a key vocational moment. How can we help 50-70 year olds reflect on what to do with the next 20 years of their lives, using the lenses of faith and calling?

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Ministry Development Program

This program, consisting of multiple sessions at your parish, helps develop knowledge and skills for parish renewal among your parishioners.

  • Disciple, Minister, Leader: What’s Your Call? Jesus said, “The harvest is abundant, but laborers are few,” and we often experience that in our parishes. This three-session program will help parishes prepare a greater number of parishioners to work for the mission of the parish.
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