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Limitless Curriculum

Your Dream. Your Choice. Your Future

The Limitless Curriculum encourages students to embrace their passions, aligning them with an academic major and, ultimately, a career.

Stritch makes it easy to pursue any dreams you may have.

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Dr. Kate Meudt

"As employers today aim to hire critical thinkers who are thoughtful, team-focused, and agile, our Limitless Curriculum prepares our graduates to excel in whatever career they choose, while doing what Stritch graduates do best—positively impacting the communities where they live, work, serve and lead.”

- Dr. Kate Meudt, ’17, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Laying the foundation for your future

The Limitless Curriculum will empower you to learn how to value and apply research, deliver a winning presentation that is authentic to your personal brand and enrich your writing skills.

Students who are undecided on an academic major or career path will benefit from the interdisciplinary focus to find the passion and aptitude to guide their future, while students who have selected a major will become proficient in the skills offered in the interdisciplinary core.

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Reimagining majors for flexibility

Academic majors have been reimagined and restructured and are now comprised of 3-5 concentrations instead of 10-18 courses. Students can select traditional majors that align to their purpose or choose an interdisciplinary major that allows them to experience how different areas of study and focus work together to innovatively address 21st century challenges.

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How does the Professional Core enhance student outcomes?*

  • 95% of employers said candidate experience is a factor in hiring decisions— this includes internships or co-op experience.
  • 70% of companies offer interns full-time jobs, and 80% of students accept those offers.
  • Employers see their internship programs as the best path for hiring top entry-level candidates.
  • Internships enable you to get your feet wet in your planned career to make sure it is for you.
  • Students who complete internships receive more job offers.
  • Average pay for entry-level employees with an internship is 6.5% higher than those without internship experience.

*Sources include and

students at graduation

There is no substitute for experience

All traditional undergraduate Stritch students participate in the Professional Core as part of graduation requirements. Consisting of 7 credits which include pre-internship (1 credit),  internship (3 credits) and capstone (3 credits) courses, the Professional Core ensures that students have relevant work experience and the skills needed to be effective contributors immediately upon graduation.

Students majoring in nursing or education participate in work experience relevant to their academic program such as clinical placements or student teaching experiences in lieu of the Professional Core.

Recent coverage of Stritch's Limitless Curriculum

"Cardinal Stritch University recently launched a series of required courses for undergraduates called the Professional Core. According to Sean Lybeck-Smoak, Director of Experiential Learning and Career Education at Stritch, the goal is to better prepare students for the changing work landscape. The first course in the university’s Professional Core focuses on developing career management skills and job search strategies so that students can learn about and prepare for the often-chaotic job market. Interviewing strategies are a big part of this course, Lybeck-Smoak reports. Students record themselves answering interview questions on a virtual interviewing platform as part of an assignment and besides doing a brief self-critique of their recorded video, students also get essential interview feedback from the instructors."

-  Shepherd Express, April 9, 2021