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College of Undergraduate Studies

Create your future

At Stritch, we are focused on your success.

Most undergraduates enroll in the College of Undergraduate Studies at Cardinal Stritch University. Every Stritch student will develop a number of essential abilities that will enable self-discovery, meaningful study and career success:

  • Self-awareness and self-expression
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Creativity, curiosity and innovation
  • Ability to be a life-long learner
  • Resilience and resourcefulness
  • Cultural agility

All of our undergraduate and graduate classes are taught by professors with proven expertise in their fields of study who, grounded by our four Franciscan values, strive to provide students with the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to be successful in whatever field of study they choose to pursue.

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Stritch’s Limitless Curriculum

Encouraging maximum flexibility in each student’s course of study, rather than defining and extensive set of constraints, Stritch’s Limitless curriculum gives students the freedom of choice. Students have the ability to choose their unique path starting with early core courses,  then within their major as well as within the type of experience they receive through internships or clinical placements. Stritch graduates find success in professional degrees, graduate programs, and in a wide range of careers. Students value the skills that their Stritch education brought to them.

Learn more about the Limitless Curriculum and how it positions you for success.

Top Stritch Majors

Check out the variety of majors offered, our most popular are listed below. But don’t stop there! If you don’t see the major that you dream about - ask!

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Create the learning experiences you need to achieve your goals

At Stritch we have rethought the idea of majors, and rebuilt them to be reorganized and restacked, in any combination, to create your ideal program. Learn more about our innovative curriulum designed to position you for career success.

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6 Benefits of a Liberal Arts College Degree in the 21st Century

A great article about the value of a liberal arts education from

The value of a liberal arts education

Through exploration of relevant issues, concepts and methods across the humanities, the arts, and the natural and social sciences, you will learn to think broadly, read critically, and write clearly.

For 80+ years Stritch has been providing liberal arts education and seeing the benefits in the lives of our 38,000 alumni. Learn more about the value of a liberal arts education in today’s world.

Leon Martin

International Business

Stritch isn't the place you only go to attend the lectures to pursue your degree; it is so much more. The goal of the people working at Stritch is to help you grow as a person.

Kelli Schrauth, '19

Communications, Public Relations

Stritch has brought out a side of me that I never knew existed. I can't wait to see where my education from Stritch takes me in life.

Ismael Luna

Political Science

Stritch has always felt like family to me; professors, advisors, financial aid counselors - they are all willing to spend time, answer questions and connect you with resources to support your success.

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Explore Stritch's Learning Communities

While college itself is a learning community, a “Learning Community” provides opportunities for students to enjoy personalized educational experiences with a group of likeminded peers.

Learn about Stritch's Learning Communities:

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May 10, 2023

2023 Stritch Student Awards

Sophia Hey

May 04, 2023

Senior Sophia Hey wins national poetry award