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Apply to LDRS Initiative Learning Community

For example - Applying for financial aid (FAFSA), paying bills on time, filing taxes, and creating and managing a budget.
For example - Setting goals, managing stress, personal health (sleeping, eating, and exercising), time management, and knowing your values and staying motivated.
For example - Effective study habits, choosing a major, choosing classes, registering for classes, and talking with professors.
For example - Conflict resolution and mediation, communication skills, understanding other people’s emotions (emotional intelligence), teamwork, negotiation and persuasion, building healthy relationships, and decision making and problem solving.
For example - Writing a resume and cover letter, applying to jobs, internships, and graduate school, interviewing for jobs, and career discernment and management.
For example - The ability to mobilize people towards a shared goal by understanding personal values, setting a good example, articulating a vision for the future, inspiring others, and creating a positive environment where people want to try their hardest and feel celebrated.