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Professional and Continuing Studies

For lifelong learning

Being a lifelong learner impacts your earning potential, happiness and social life. Professional and continuing education opportunities from Cardinal Stritch University allow you to gain new skills, enhance existing ones and overall raise your effectiveness in the workplace.

Typically non-credit bearing, these programs range from online micro courses to multi-day workshops. Taught by Stritch faculty, staff or adjunct instructors who are leaders in their field, Stritch ensures relevant, engaged learning in every program we offer.


For educators

business meeting

For non-profits

Kelli Schrauth, '19

Communications, Public Relations

Stritch has brought out a side of me that I never knew existed. I can't wait to see where my education from Stritch takes me in life.

group work

Your team, in your location

Interested in team education?

Stritch can bring almost any program to your workplace. From educator professional development to MBA degree programs, Stritch successfully partners with organizations throughout the region to educate their teams on their turf.

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