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Coaching and Mentoring for Educators

Who should participate?

Are you a newly selected teacher, mentor, or coach who needs training to support educator needs?

Are you a teacher, mentor, or coach who could use a refresher on coaching and mentoring strategies?

Statistics show that approximately one half of beginning teachers nationwide leave the profession within the first five years as many new teachers feel increasingly overwhelmed and under prepared. According to Wisconsin's PI-34, school districts must train mentors to provide support and assistance to initial educators.

Coaching & Mentoring for Educators 1

Building and Supporting a Trusting Relationship. Participant outcomes for this session include: Build trusting and collaborative relationships between coaches/mentors and beginning educators. Explore and practice blended mentoring and coaching language and strategies use the coaching Conversation Guide to support new teacher growth.

Coaching & Mentoring for Educators 2

Mentoring Teachers through the Coaching Cycle. Participant outcomes include: Revisit mentoring language and differentiated coaching stances from workshop 1. Explore and practice the conferencing and coaching cycle. Utilize different data collection tools for classroom visits to support new teacher growth.


Registration information

Workshop registrations must be submitted two weeks prior to the workshop.

Cost per online workshop is $150.

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