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Biochemistry Minor

Program Overview

The biochemistry minor exploits the intersection between biology and chemistry, examining the unique chemical processes that living systems exhibit. For example, photosynthesis is a complex series of chemical reactions that are only found in photoautotrophs. To date, we cannot recreate these reactions in nonliving systems. Many of the chemical compounds used in pharmacy were originally derived from plants and/or animals. Why re-invent the chemical “wheel,” when it may already exist in nature?

Program Concentrations

This program is made up of the following concentrations. Learn more about concentrations.

Concentration Overview

The Biochemistry concentration is centered on Organic Chemistry. It begins with an overview of metabolism in General Biology II and culminates with a deep dive into biological chemical pathways in the Biochemistry course. If you are interested in pharmacy or pharmacology, key concepts at the junction of biology and chemistry are covered here.

Concentrations on this page are required for this program. Additional courses or concentrations may need to be added to meet program or credit requirements.

Program Coursework

The specific degree requirements on the website are for illustrative purposes and may change at any time. Please contact the Registrar's Office, Academic Advising or refer to the course catalog for detailed program requirements.

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