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Biology Minor

Program Overview

Understanding the complex interactions between proteins and nucleic acids is the hub around which the biology minor rotates. The cell and genetics are the heart and soul of modern biology. Understanding these areas is part of nearly every aspect of biology and therefore they are the core concepts in the biology minor. If a basic understanding of life processes is your goal then the biology minor is for you. Educators and life sciences researchers need to take the courses in this minor.

Program Concentrations

This program is made up of the following concentrations. Learn more about concentrations.

Concentration Overview

From Replication to Translation, the relationship of DNA to cellular behavior is the focus of this concentration. Since the cell is the smallest independent unit of life, any pursuit in the life sciences should include an understanding of these central concepts. Although most of the material covered in this concentration is microscopic, the applications of these concepts are universally applied to all life.

Courses in this Concentration

Concentrations on this page are required for this program. Additional courses or concentrations may need to be added to meet program or credit requirements.

Program Coursework

The specific degree requirements on the website are for illustrative purposes and may change at any time. Please contact the Registrar's Office, Academic Advising or refer to the course catalog for detailed program requirements.

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