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Business Administration Major

The Business Administration program provides the skills you need to be successful in your careers. You will learn a breadth of information across all aspects of business. Our faculty bring their industry experiences into the classroom to help students become familiar with real-world scenarios. 

Business Program Undergraduate

Advance Your Career

The combination of education and experience is the single best way to ensure that your career continues to flourish!

Bachelor's degree holders consistently demonstrate higher job satisfaction than those without.

At Cardinal Stritch University, you will find

  • Bachelor's degree alumni earn more than graduates of any other WISCONSIN university one year after graduation
  • Experienced faculty who are dedicated to your success
  • Flexible online delivery allows you to attend class your way
  • Affordable, accelerated program makes managing work, home and school easy

Sarah Wilson, '22, Mokena, Ill.

Business Administration major with minors in political science and history

There will always be a need for business majors! Stritch’s business program puts you in a wide array of classes that enhance your communication, analytical thinking, and leadership skills that are needed in any workplace. This isn’t a program where you are just reading out of a textbook, classes are taught with a hands on and discussion approach.

Taylor Fritz, '23, Brown Deer, Wi

Business Administration major with a minor in Communications

The Limitless Curriculum has helped me shape my education career to be unique to what I want to get out of my education. I am able to personalize my degree.

Limitless Curriculum

Stritch students can create an academic pathway that best fits their interests.

Explore concentrations in this major.

Learn about Limitless

Consider our International Business concentration

Concentration Overview

The global focus of this concentration examines the function of business administration from multiple and diverse perspectives.

Courses in this Concentration

Consider our Economics and Accounting Concentration

Concentration Overview

This concentration focuses on the economics, accounting and finance elements of successful business administration.

Courses in this Concentration

Consider our Human Resources & Marketing Concentration

Concentration Overview

This concentration addresses the human element of business administration through an examination of the employee and the consumer and a focus on strategies to effectively communicate with both audiences.

Courses in this Concentration

Consider our Advanced Business Principles Concentration

Concentration Overview

This concentration focuses on business concepts in relation to law, management and marketing.

Courses in this Concentration

Career Opportunities for Business Administration majors

Employment for business and financial occupations is projected to grow by 5% from 2019-2029, adding around 476,000 new jobs. This projected growth is faster than average compared to the typical occupation in the U.S. Factors such as globalization, growing economies, and complicated national and international regulations should help keep this field in demand (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

A Business Administration degree prepares students to develop the skills required for a wide array of careers. Hiring managers are looking for those who can think analytically, lead teams, and perform research needed to help their companies and organizations succeed. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career options

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers you an opportunity to blend your personal and professional experiences with quantitative and qualitative coursework. The program is designed to support you in your quest to work effectively in an increasingly complex business environment, including gaining the essential skills necessary for the successful administration of a business.

Program Concentrations

This program is made up of the following concentrations. Learn more about concentrations.

Concentration Overview

This concentration provides students with the concepts and theories that are foundational to any business program.

Concentration Overview

This concentration focuses on the economics, accounting, and finance elements of successful business administration.

Concentration Overview

This concentration expands student understanding of business concepts in relation to law, management, and marketing.

Concentration Overview

This concentration addresses the human element of business administration through an examination of the employee and the consumer and a focus on strategies to effectively communicate with both audiences.

Concentrations on this page are required for this program. Additional courses or concentrations may need to be added to meet program or credit requirements.

Liberal Arts Core

The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum is rooted in the Liberal Arts and our Franciscan heritage. It is designed to create a framework to develop knowledge, skills, and responsibilities necessary to educate students so that they will be prepared to contribute to the world guided by a concern for issues of justice and ethical behavior.

LEADERSHIP:  4 credits
  • Freshman Seminar (1 cr.)
  • Spiritual & Ethical Literacy (3 cr.) 
  • Personal Branding Communication (3 cr.)
  • Writing for the 21st Century (3 cr.)*
  • Quantitative Problem Solving (3 cr.)*
  • Language & Culture (3 cr.)
*For ‘Writing for the 21st Century’ (English) and ‘Quantitative Problem Solving’ (Math), you may need additional courses depending on your placement.

CORE LITERACIES:  15 credits – Choose one (1) course from each broad theme. Course options can be found in the course catalog or on the academic advising page. Broad themes are:
  • Narratives of Identity       (3 cr.)
  • Science, Environment & Culture (3 cr.)   
  • Social Tensions (3 cr.)    
  • The American Experience (3 cr.)
  • Approving the Better Things (3 cr.)

Professional Core

Culminating Experience

Giving students a culminating experience as well as practical work experience, the Professional Core is a graduation requirement for every Stritch student in a bachelor’s degree program. This bachelor’s degree program includes completion of the Professional Core consisting of three courses:
  • Pre-Internship
  • Internship
  • Capstone

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1: Communication: Outcome for Oral Communication: Be able to develop and deliver purposeful information designed to increate knowledge, to foster understanding, or to promote change in the listeners' attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors. Outcome for Written Communication: Be able to develop and express ideas in writing, using many genres and styles.
PLO2: Critical Thinking and Analysis: Be able to apply knowledge and skills in practical ways to solve real world problems. 
PLO3: Quantitative Reasoning: Be able to understand, communicate, and interpret quantitative information and mathematical ideas. 
PLO4: Collaborative/Systems Thinking: Produce team-based solutions to address organizational challenges and issues. 
PLO5: Ethical Orientation: Recognize ethical & corporate social responsibility issues in context & implement appropriate action(s).

Experiential Learning

The Stritch Business Administration program prepares students to immediately begin their career post-graduation or attend graduate school to earn advanced professional degrees.

Students gain direct experience through internship experiences. Placement sites may include:

  • Cardinal Stritch University Marketing
  • Ambas Financial Services
  • Milwaukee Kickers
  • Housing Ministries of American Baptist Wisconsin
  • Networth Realty of Phoenix
  • Innovation & Community Learning
  • EastBrook Academy
  • Liberty Tax
  • Golden Spiral Digital
  • United Community Center
  • Jose's Blue Sombrero
  • Jackson Hewitt
  • Villas Homes
  • West Point Financial
Contact admissions or the program faculty with questions about this program.


Barbara S. Spies

Chair - UG Business & Communication|Faculty - Communication Arts

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(414) 410-4691