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Ph.D. in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning & Service in Literacy

Leadership is the core of our academia at Stritch. This program for those currently in, or seeking, leadership positions in literacy. Students in this program will become experts in all aspects of research methodology. Our program will prepare you to become a consumer of research.

Program Overview

The PhD in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service in Literacy applies understandings of leadership, learning, service and research to inform efforts to build the capacity of self and others in literacy settings. Course work focuses on current research in foundations and core principles in literacy, literacy encompassing language across the life spans, critical theories and cultural perspectives in literacy, and policy and issues in literacy. The program is designed for those seeking to lead in educational, non-profit, and other settings. Successful completion of the program can result in a Reading Specialist certification (WI DPI license #5017) if the student holds a reading teacher certification and upon successful completion of additional practicum and coursework.

The Value of a Ph.D. Degree

Research is how we get to know things, uncover and recover what we know. Getting a Ph.D. at Stritch allows for areas of growth in research and building the body of knowledge. 

Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D.) is an academic or professional degree that allows students to focus their area of research around their specialized field. 

This is the highest level of degree a student could receive from a university. 

At Stritch, we want students who have a vision for their practice to research, improve their practice and become better community servants.

This degree will allow you to earn a higher salary in your specialized field. The skills you gain throughout your academic journey will be transferrable to your professional career. 

Joseph C. Moylan

Chair - Doctoral Programs, District Administrator Licensure Program|Faculty - Leadership Doctorate

Leadership Education

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