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Interpretation and Translation Graduate Certificate

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Program Overview

The demand for qualified and certified interpreters and translators is growing at a remarkable pace, both nationally and worldwide. A simple knowledge of equivalents between languages will not suffice for this professional work. Competent interpreters and translators must demonstrate a mastery of cultural understanding, theoretical knowledge, ethical competency and a specific, industry informed set of skills. The rigorous Interpretation and Translation Graduate Certificate is designed to provide bilingual adults, who may or may not already work in the professional field of interpretation and translation, with fundamental language skills, problem-solving techniques and specialized training required to be highly competent professionals in this growing field. You will be trained to render accurate and culturally appropriate interpretation and translation services in business, finance, medical, legal, educational and literary fields. This 12-credit (4 class) certificate can be completed in one academic year, by completing one eight-week course at a time. Additionally, you have the option to take courses to gain specific skills depending on your individual needs and interests. The flexibility of this convenient, fully online program allows you to reside anywhere while pursuing your professional goals.