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Master's in Management and Leadership

The 21st century brings an emphasis on leadership and communication with a strong need for technical knowledge. Consider the need for constant change, workforce dynamics, new work technologies and many other concerns which can challenge even the most proficient manager. To build the most effective teams that grow together as you grow your organization, it takes more than technical knowledge.

We begin with the self. Self-assessment, discussions, lecture and practical applications will help you to understand yourself and will enable you to become a leader people choose to follow. Combine this with business management skills and the MSML degree from Stritch will prepare you for limitless career opportunities. 

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Education and Skills in Leadership

Leadership is about more than a healthy balance sheet or stock price growth. Stritch teaches leadership from a Franciscan centered approach. What does that mean? Leadership is about caring for the individual and the organization to create an environment where everyone grows. You will learn how to raise up others and bring out the best in them, achieving organizational objectives along the way.


Build Your Key Leadership Skills at Stritch

Leadership competency impacts organizational growth, revenue and profits. According to DDI's High Resolution Leadership study, companies with executives competent in leadership had 24% higher average company revenue performance what did those with leaders who were rated less competent. More astounding was the 25% higher average company performance for companies with highly competent leaders compared to those with basic competency. 

Key skills lacking in more than 60% of leaders assessed:

  • Building a High-performance Culture
  • Shaping Organizational Strategy
  • Enhancing Organizational Talent
  • Creating Alignment and Accountability

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Management and Leadership (MSML) is a degree program built on the development of organizations and internal culture. You will explore the in-depth functions of management while focusing on the use of effective leadership skills to achieve organizational pursuits. The core curriculum emphasizes the use of these skills to increase quality and productivity for individuals and groups while supporting overall organizational growth and change. A major component of the MSML program is the application of ethical decision making and the exploration of the social responsibilities that you may encounter as a manager.

The program teaches you to use accounting and financial data, as well as technology infrastructure, to manage an organization effectively and efficiently. Through the application of case studies, you will be enabled to think critically and creatively about implementing management strategies in an ever-changing environment while reflecting on past examples. Individual and team projects engage you in problem solving and decision making while developing innovative solutions to market opportunities for competitive advantage and organizational success. You will integrate concepts learned throughout the program and apply analytical techniques to address the challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in an environment of constant change. Graduates of the degree program are positioned to lead and support an organization’s vision for growth, stability, and increased competitive advantage.

Program Coursework

The specific degree requirements on the website are for illustrative purposes and may change at any time. Please contact the Registrar's Office, Academic Advising or refer to the course catalog for detailed program requirements.

Shannon Reed

Alumni Spotlight: Shannon Reed

"I developed a deeper understanding of the meaning behind many business practices."

Shannon Reed, '11, Director of Innovative Strategies for Boys and Men of Color, United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, enrolled in our Master's in Management program to fit his work and parents schedules. Reed knew that he could complete the program within a certain timeframe.  

"You will discover the coursework relates to what you are doing in your work life and the program will help you better understand the organization you are working for.  I used what I was learning at Stritch in my role as a non-profit organization. It was easy to apply what we were learning to my work, especially the communication skills, which are still important to me today".

"You learn content that is new, but you are also learning how to work with other folks. That is what we do every day - figure out how to work within community an work with our community".

Janette Braverman

Alumni Spotlight: Janette Braverman

Your Master's Degree is an Investment in Your Future.

Janette Braverman, '09, was looking for a master's in leadership opportunity that would be flexible enough to fit her busy work schedule. The program at Stritch was the best option for her to balance her heavy work schedule, family and master's level studies at the same time.

"I encourage people who want to excel in their career to consider the MSML at Stritch. They will gain the leadership skills to take their career to the next level. I always recommend furthering your education in order to move into high level leadership roles. The leadership experiences and curriculum in the Stritch program will be important for your future".

Meet Janette Braverman

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Business|Leadership Education

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Senior Admissions Counselor

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