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M.S. in Teaching (Secondary)

The Stritch teacher preparation program is the best choice for degreed professional seeking teacher licensure with the option of a Master of Science in Teaching (MST). Giving you the skills you need to be an effective teacher at the secondary or high school levels, the Stritch teacher preparation program helps you earn your teaching license in as little as 18 months!

Program Overview

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Teaching degree program is an accelerated, post-baccalaureate teacher licensure program specifically designed to meet the needs of returning adult students. It prepares you for teacher licensure and a master's degree in elementary, middle or high school education. The program combines classroom instruction with field experience in Pre K-12 schools. Upon completion of a full semester student teaching placement (just 18 months after beginning the program), you will be eligible to apply for a teaching license in your chosen area.

adult student online hyflex

All new Hyflex option

Classroom experience with online convenience. 

In response to the unprecedented, unpredictable conditions we have been in since March 2020, Stritch has developed a new delivery option, Hyflex. You will participate in classes in-person or via Zoom directly from the classroom.

You will have the option to move between courses that are offered as hybrid and online synchronous formats per semester. This is similar to the current practice in many K-12 schools. Our investment in technology and restructuring courses has made this flexible option available to our students. Contact us to see if Hyflex is right for you.

Adult Students

The Stritch Difference

The Stritch teacher preparation program utilizes a cohort format, meaning you will have classes with many of the same teacher candidates each semester. Your cohort will become your support network in your new career. Our faculty designs courses from an active learning approach, enabling faculty to consider the experience of teacher candidates. Highlights of learning:

  • Class discussions and interactive activities.
  • Classroom management - building meaningful relationships through classroom community.
  • Research-based lesson planning, instructional, and assessment strategies.
  • Culturally responsive teaching.
  • Strategies to support diverse pupils and communities.
Adult Student

The teacher preparation program at Stritch is...

  • For people with any bachelor degree - you do not need to have an education degree.
  • Offered through the Hyflex delivery - you select if you wish to be in person or on-line, and you can change this selection from course-to-course.
  • Designed around working people. You can be in program and earn at the same time so you can start down your new path of teaching or continue in your current role until your degree is complete.
  • Culturally relevant.
  • Licensing opportunity for emergency teachers & teachers of record.

Stritch has been the leader in ‘educating educators’ for more than 80 years!

Clavon Byrd, '02, '09

Education Professor

We have a very high placement rate. School districts call me to ask for Stritch teachers because they know how to hit the ground running. Stritch teachers and administrators permeate the state and beyond. We are proud of our reputation. 

Tamra Keith

Education Program Advisor

The relationships Stritch faculty and staff build with students are very important and a clear advantage of a small University. Your professors know you and you know them. Stritch is a real community

Our faculty make the program special

All Stritch teacher preparation program faculty are licensed teachers, very active with local schools and organizations. Many consult and support local schools and organizations. Faculty are committed to helping teacher candidates implement theory into practice, as they prepare you for classroom readiness.

Our faculty prides themselves on their support of students to bridge the gap between theory and action.

For more information please contact admissions or the program faculty.

Clavon Byrd, Sr.

Chair - Teacher Education|Faculty - Education Undergraduate

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Master's in Teaching (Secondary)