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Accelerated RN - to - MSN Nursing Program

Accelerated studies to achieve your goals faster


Are you ready to advance your nursing career? Our RN-to-MSN program builds on your previous learning and training and prepares you for a higher level of practice.

The RN-to-MSN program is designed for RNs who hold an associate degree in nursing (ADN). The accelerated format allows you to complete your degree more quickly, saving you time and money.

Program Overview

The accelerated RN to MSN program is designed for the registered nurse who holds an associate degree in nursing (ADN) and has decided to pursue graduate nursing education. Students complete 4 bridge courses to develop foundational knowledge, and then expand their understanding of theoretical and philosophical perspectives in nursing, research, ethics, evidence-based practice and contemporary health issues, which characterizes graduate preparation in nursing. Students do not earn a BSN degree but progress directly to the MSN after the bridge courses. The program is comprised of 44 credits and is designed to be completed in seven semesters.

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Why earn your MSN?

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has endorsed accelerated programs like ours in a variety of publications. Their articles emphasize the following facts:

  • With a shift to a population-focused, community-based approach to care, employers are seeking nurses who are capable of providing high-quality care, making complex clinical decisions, managing care transitions, supervising support personnel, guiding patients through the available healthcare resources and educating patients on treatment regimens and healthy lifestyle adoption.
  • Graduate-level preparation is required to fill established and emerging roles that allow nurses to practice in a variety of areas, such as geriatrics, pediatrics, public health, informatics and systems improvement.
  • The healthcare industry greatly benefits from nurses prepared at the graduate level as they: provide high quality care; conduct research; teach across clinical settings; shape public policy; lead health systems; consult with corporations and implement evidence-based, innovative solutions.
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According to the AACN, accelerated RN-to-MSN programs generally take as long as three years to complete with specific requirements varying by institution and the student’s previous course work. Though the majority of these programs are offered in traditional classroom settings, some RN-to-MSN programs are offered online or in a blended classroom/online format.

Why Stritch's RN-to-MSN?

In addition to highly qualified instructors, the Stritch program offers a number of advantages over other programs.

Average number of credits = 56 ... Stritch's is 44 credits.

Quicker time to completion; saving you time and money.

Program modality = Less than half of other programs (45.8%) are online, 43.75% are on campus and only 10.4% are hybrid ... Stritch's is offered primarily online. 

Offering convenience for a working nurse.

For more information please contact admissions or the program faculty.

Crystal-Rae D. Walton

Acting Dean - College of Nursing and Health Sciences

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

(414) 410-4397