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Doctorate in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service

The Doctorate in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service program is ideal for those currently in, or seeking, leadership positions in their specialized field. Students in this program will become experts in the theoretical frameworks and practical applications of leadership, as well as research methodology. Our program will prepare you to conduct and analyze scholarly research that you can implement for your organization and community.

Program Overview

The Doctorate in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service provides advanced study in leadership that prepares you to make significant contributions to your organization and community. The program is designed for professions with present or emerging leadership responsibilities in a variety of learning communities: universities, colleges, business and industry, health care institutions, community organizations, social services, unions, libraries, government agencies, vocational education, staff training programs, consulting organizations, international agencies, as well as K-12 public, private and parochial schools. You and other participants will share a common interest in leadership and may use your own work site as a focus of graduate study. In essence, the program is designed to facilitate the development of effective leaders across a broad community.

The program is a natural extension of our commitment to live and promote the Franciscan values of making peace, creating a caring community, showing compassion and reverencing all of creation. More specifically, the program involves the entire Stritch community in preparing men and women with leadership skills, cutting-edge knowledge and community-based opportunities to exercise responsible leadership in their organizations and communities.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into the program, candidates must submit the following:

Application for admission:
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, including evidence of master's degree completion. 
  • Evidence of grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale in master's coursework. 
  • Portfolio consisting of, but not limited to, the criteria listed below
  • Curriculum vitae that documents formal education, professional work experience, honors, achievements, and activities related to education. 
  • Three letters of recommendation. 
Ph.D. Application Questions
  • Please provide a personal statement, no longer than 1 page in length, discussing your professional achievements, your research interests and your positive impact on the community you serve. 
  • A writing sample consisting of a formal essay with a total of 4 pages double spaced 11 pt. font total for all seven prompts
    1. Tell us about a time when you received professional feedback and how you acted upon it. 
    2. Tell us about a time when you effectively collaborated with someone else and what was the outcome? Was this a chosen or assigned collaboration?
    3. Discuss a time when you demonstrated cultural competence. 
    4. Discuss a time when you had to have a difficult conversation with a co-worker or a direct report. How was the relationship with the person following the conversation?
    5. Discuss a time when you participated in a significant change process. 
    6. Discuss the role that service has played in your personal and professional life. 
    7. Discuss the role or appeal of one of the following Franciscan Values for you: Making Peace, Building a Caring Community, Showing Compassion, Reverencing all of Creation. 

Tecy Yarn, '22

Doctorate: Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service

The EDLSP program offers theoretical foundations and practical applications. The coursework and experiences prepare you to achieve in the communities where you live, work, serve and lead. The most valuable part of my work experience has been providing the space to build relationships in the school/neighborhood community, and the district. 

The Value of a Ph.D. Degree

Research is how we know things, uncover and recover what we know. Getting a Ph.D. at Stritch allows for areas of growth in research and building the body of knowledge. 

Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D.) is an academic or professional degree that allows students to focus their area of research around their specialized field. 

This is the highest level of degree a student could receive from a university.


At Stritch, we want students who have a vision for their practice to research, improve their practice and become better community servants. 

This degree will allow you to earn a higher salary in your specialized field. The skills you gain throughout your academic journey will be transferrable to your career. 

Leadership Prayer

Our Franciscan values are at the center of the work that we do and help bring God's kingdom alive on earth. 

Leadership is less about the love of power and more about the power of love. 

Lord, as we continue to undertake the role of leader let us be affirmed by the servant leadership we witness in your son Jesus. Let us walk in the path He has set and let those who will, follow. 

Let our greatest passion be compassion.
Our greatest strength be love. 
Our greatest victory be in the reward of peace. 
In leading, let us never fail to follow. 
In loving, let us never fail. 


For more information please contact admissions or the program faculty.

Joseph C. Moylan

Chair - Doctoral Programs, District Administrator Licensure Program|Faculty - Leadership Doctorate

Leadership Education

(414) 410-4328