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Pre-Law Program

The pre-professional program is not a major, but a series of courses required by professional schools for admission to law school. In this program you will be introduced to the skills that will prepare you for the next step in your academic journey. You can expect to have a good understanding of law and how to think deeply about the purpose of law and the role it plays in society. 

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5 Pre-Law Job Options

  • Victim Advocate
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Legal Secretary
  • Paralegal

Other Pre-Professional Programs at Stritch

Program Details

Program Overview

If you wish to pursue a law degree after completing your bachelor's degree, you are not limited in your choice of a particular undergraduate degree. Law schools have no preference of major, so you can choose a major that is a good fit for you rather than one you think will look good on your future law school application. At Cardinal Stritch University, we offer variants of the English and history programs that are designed to prepare you for law school, but you are not limited to those programs. Regardless of your chosen major, courses that develop skills in reading, writing, critical thinking and analytical reasoning – skills that will be necessary in law school and in a legal career – will help in your successful admission to and completion of law school.

If interested in law school, you should meet with a pre-law advisor at Stritch to explore the profession and determine whether it will be a good fit. The advisor will be able to assist with outlining a timeline for your pre-law preparation and with helping you develop a competitive edge for law school admission.

Beyond the Classroom

The Pre-Med/Pre-Professional Club is for students interested in pre-medical and pre-professional sciences. Our club is involved in the community. We plan science-related activities and events and assist one another in admissions for graduate or medical school, as well as discuss alternate options.

This club provides perspective and insight into health care and science fields and builds supportive relationships among students who share a common interest in health care and science.

Students are provided a collaborative environment where they can interact with other students of all stages of the program, get advice on applying to medical school, study sessions and tutoring for tests and MCAT exam.

Contact admissions or the program faculty with questions about this program.


Daryl A. Webb

Faculty - History