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Spanish Interpretation and Translation Major

Our spanish program trains students in becoming professional interpreters and translators. Our curriculum focuses on helping our students polish their skills to interpret and translate in various field settings, (examples: medical, legal, etc.) while also providing a strong understanding of the difference between interpreting and translating. Students can expect to gain confidence in their skills through real life projects in the classroom that will better prepare them to make ethical decisions during their internship and accomplish their career goals. 

Program Overview

This major is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in interpreting and translation skills. Courses in this area will help you develop Spanish language skills, problem-solving techniques and specialized training required to be a highly-competent interpreter and translator. You will be trained to render accurate and culturally appropriate interpretation and translation services in business, financial, health care, legal, educational and literary fields.

Program Concentrations

This program is made up of the following concentrations. Learn more about concentrations.

Concentration Overview

Students who complete this concentration will gain the language skills, cultural understanding, and intellectual abilities to communicate effectively in Spanish in a variety of settings.

Concentration Overview

This concentration provides students with a strong foundation in the studies of Interpreting and Translation and the required skills to render accurate and culturally appropriate interpretation and translation services.

Concentrations on this page are required for this program. Additional courses or concentrations may need to be added to meet program or credit requirements.

Internship Sites

Our Spanish programs prepares students to be confident in their skills to handle real world experiences.We focus on providing an understanding of the complexity and diversity of other cultures.

Internship sites may include:

  • Ambas Financial Services, LLC
  • Cardinal Stritch University Spanish Department
  • Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
  • Empowering Citizens
  • Futura Language Professionals
  • Mander Collision
  • Maple Dale Middle School
  • Mitchell Bank
  • Procare Medical Group- Layton
  • Rocketship Public Schools
  • Soberalski Immigration Law
  • St. Anthony School - Milwaukee
  • United Community Center
  • Voces de la Frontera Walker's
  • Point Youth and Family Center

Liberal Arts Core

The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum is rooted in the Liberal Arts and our Franciscan heritage. It is designed to create a framework to develop knowledge, skills, and responsibilities necessary to educate students so that they will be prepared to contribute to the world guided by a concern for issues of justice and ethical behavior.

LEADERSHIP:  4 credits
  • Freshman Seminar (1 cr.)
  • Spiritual & Ethical Literacy (3 cr.) 
  • Personal Branding Communication (3 cr.)
  • Writing for the 21st Century (3 cr.)*
  • Quantitative Problem Solving (3 cr.)*
  • Language & Culture (3 cr.)
*For ‘Writing for the 21st Century’ (English) and ‘Quantitative Problem Solving’ (Math), you may need additional courses depending on your placement.

CORE LITERACIES:  15 credits – Choose one (1) course from each broad theme. Course options can be found in the course catalog or on the academic advising page. Broad themes are:
  • Narratives of Identity       (3 cr.)
  • Science, Environment & Culture (3 cr.)   
  • Social Tensions (3 cr.)    
  • The American Experience (3 cr.)
  • Approving the Better Things (3 cr.)

Professional Core

Culminating Experience

Giving students a culminating experience as well as practical work experience, the Professional Core is a graduation requirement for every Stritch student in a bachelor’s degree program. This bachelor’s degree program includes completion of the Professional Core consisting of three courses:
  • Pre-Internship
  • Internship
  • Capstone

Experiential Learning 

Students are given the opportunity to receive real world experiences. Skills learned in the classroom can be applied to their internship site setting. 

Placement sites may include: 

  • Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
  • Voces de la Frontera
  • Walker's Point Youth and Family Center
  • Ambas Financial Services
  • Futura Language Professionals
  • St. Anthony Schools and Pre-K Program
  • Greentree Apartments (Tutoring program)
  • Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic - at UCC
  • Soberalski Immigration Law, LLC
  • Empowering Citizens | Empoderando Ciudadnos
  • United Community Center
  • Dismas Ministry
  • Gingras, Thomsen, and Wachs Law Firm
Dreamers Welcome

Community Building Organizations

Dreamers Welcome

Dreamers Welcome is a student-led group seeking to advocate for the rights of undocumented students by fostering an environment that promotes connections between them and resources at Cardinal Stritch University. We firmly believe that having a group like this at Stritch is of dire importance; to give students a voice, a space and the necessary informational resources to aid them in their pursuit of personal and academic success.

Hispanic Club

Hispanic Club

Bienvenidos! The purpose of this organization is establishing a club that is united with dedicated members who will reach out to the Stritch and Hispanic communities in bringing cultural awareness and promoting diversity. We do this by celebrating Hispanic holidays, having food fairs, being part of volunteer projects and taking trips. All students are welcomed to learn and celebrate the Hispanic culture with us. Hasta luego.

Student Organization

Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee Student Chapter

HPGM Student Chapter is a club dedicated to help any student obtain scholarships, internships and professional development via workshops and events throughout the semester. Members of the club are also able to learn from professionals within the greater Milwaukee area about what it takes to be successful during and after college. All students of any major and field are welcome, since we are able to connect with a variety of professionals.

Spanish Interpretation

Job Opportunities

We are changing the narrative for our students by creating innovative opportunities in various professional settings where interpreters and translators are key assets for success.

Average Salaries

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Contact admissions or the program faculty with questions about this program.


Marilyn Jones

Chair-Humanities|Faculty - Foreign Language