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Meet our Admissions Team

Get to know Tim Harper, '22

What's your best college search tip?

Have options, apply for as many schools as possible (seek help doing so of course), but then visit campuses to see if that college is a place you feel you can go to school for four years.

What do you learn from interacting with Stritch students?

I learned that Stritch students have an understanding that selfless acts of kindness are how we make the world a better place.

What do you like most about working at Stritch?

I like working at Stritch because of the community that surrounds us everyday. I am not just treated as a staff member, but as Stritch family.

What are your hobbies?

Watching NBA basketball, any games, the teams don’t matter. Playing Pool, bowling, or just hanging with friends.

What is your favorite TV Show?

All American

What is your favorite movie?

Stomp The Yard

What is your favorite sports team?

Los Angeles Lakers

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I drove over three days to get to Wisconsin from California in my car about two years ago.

What are your off-campus recommendations to people visiting Stritch?

Crumbl Cookies, Nothing Bundt Cakes, downtown Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public market, Wicked Hop restaurant and Bucks games.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee?

The summer weather is beautiful and it is so close to Chicago.

What's your favorite Franciscan Value?

Creating a Caring Community

Why did you choose Stritch?

I chose Stritch originally as a student because I was looking for a transformational education and I received that here at Stritch. I decided to work here also because I wanted to be apart of the recruitment of students to help them experience the "Stritch Love" as well.

Tell us a joke.

What do you call a elephant that doesn’t matter? Irrelephant. 😂 That's the best I got.

If you could choose one thing that you could bring to an desert island, what would it be?

A boat.