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Students express gratitude to Kellners for their $2.5 million gift

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kellner for your gift, for believing in Stritch, and for believing in us.

With the festive lights of the Great Hall Christmas tree glimmering in the background, the Cardinal Stritch University community gathered for a special celebration on Dec. 12, 2019, to announce a $2.5 million gift from Dr. Mary, ’07, and Ted Kellner that will benefit students, academic programs and activities. Joining them were University leadership, the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, the Board of Trustees, members of University advisory committees, and faculty, staff and students.

The full announcement of the gift, shared through University channels and local media, is found at this link.

Four students attending the event represented the voices of the whole student body, offering heartfelt gratitude to the Kellners for their generosity and long-standing commitment to Stritch. Not only did they offer their in-person appreciation with hugs and handshakes, but their sentiments were captured in a video shared as part of the evening’s program.

Christian Peter Moore
Savannah Wooden

I think the donation that Mr. and Mrs. Kellner is making is wonderful. They see what we’re doing is changing the world around us. Even though we’re small, we have big hearts and big minds. And their generosity empowers us as students to be the light that this world really needs. - Christian Peter Moore, sophomore


I’d like Mr. and Mrs. Kellner to know that I am super grateful. Their donation to Stritch means so many things to multiply the care that Stritch can give to students – students that are currently here and students in the future. - Savannah Wooden, senior

Jed Leszczynski
Estrella Luciano

At Cardinal Stritch, we focus on the Franciscan values a lot, creating a caring community is one of the values, and giving back to the community. I’m grateful that Mr. and Mrs. Kellner are willing to commit that to our school, to a school with our values and our history. -  Jed Leszczynski, junior


Because of the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Kellner, I am able to accomplish something that my family and I have been waiting for so long. Somebody thinks that you deserve that opportunity to continue to pursue your goals and conquer your dreams and get what you want. When you are able to give that and you are able to put something else first, that is something that can be very amazing. - Estrella Luciano, senior

Thank you, Ted and Mary Kellner video

The University community expressed their appreciation for the Kellner gift.