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New structure, limitless opportunities


In spring 2019, the leadership and faculty of Cardinal Stritch University embarked on a journey to reimagine our curriculum and position the University — and more importantly our students — for success in our rapidly changing world.

Led by Dr. Dan Scholz, University faculty and staff met with business leaders and students and researched trends in employment and higher education. From these conversations, a new academic structure emerged featuring the College of Undergraduate Studies, the College of Graduate Studies and the Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Another significant outcome was a restructuring of the undergraduate curriculum into the Limitless Curriculum. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other hurdles, Stritch successfully launched the new curriculum in Fall 2020.

The Limitless Curriculum allows students to engage their passions and interests to create a college experience that prepares them for a rapidly changing world. Stritch students gain the knowledge, skills and disposition to stand out after graduation and throughout their careers. With the Limitless Curriculum, there is no predefined path to success; rather a path that enables students to demonstrate creativity, be who they are and build the future they want.

Academic majors have been reimagined and restructured and are now comprised of 3–5 concentrations instead of 10–18 courses. Students can select traditional majors that align to their purpose or choose an interdisciplinary major that allows them to experience how different areas of study and focus work together to innovatively address 21st century challenges.

Dr. Kate Meudt quote

Additionally, a profound change was made to the undergraduate Liberal Arts curriculum. Faculty from varied disciplines collaborated and developed interdisciplinary core courses across five themes. Every student selects one course from each theme during their time at Stritch. The diverse offerings allow students to select courses that complement their major or pique their curiosity.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm around the new Professional Core. Every undergraduate student will complete an internship, clinical or student teaching placement as part their graduation requirements. Additionally, most undergraduates will complete the new interdisciplinary capstone project. The Professional Core prepares students for these culminating experiences, provides skills to ensure success, and allows them to reflect on what they have learned at Stritch. This unique experience will ensure our graduates stand out to employers and help them achieve their career goals.

These changes differentiate Stritch and position the University for continued growth. This innovative and creative approach to academic offerings demonstrates how Stritch is being proactive and responsive to the needs of current and future students, as well as our industry partners.

Learn more about our new Limitless curriculum.