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Stritch donors demonstrate belief in students


Since its founding by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in 1937, Cardinal Stritch University has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. As economic and societal conditions have ebbed and flowed through the last 84 years, the transformative power of education has remained constant.

Unfortunately, students—particularly those from traditionally underrepresented groups—may be deterred by the perceived cost of higher education and not pursue their academic dreams.

In response to these concerns, Stritch launched the Believers Scholarship Fund in 2020 to address the needs of the University’s low-income, first-generation students of color.

“The cost of tuition should never be a barrier to a great education,” said Mark Quistorf, ’07, director of financial aid. “Stritch strives to ensure that students who will thrive here have that opportunity. 99% of our full-time freshmen receive financial aid. Donor-funded scholarships provide essential funding that makes a Stritch education possible for our students.”

Believers Scholarship Fund

Although the Believers Scholarship Fund is less than a year old, alumni and donors have already risen to meet the challenge. Alumnus Ken Johnson, ’06, is among the fund’s earliest donors. He reflected on his own college experience and considers the opportunity a full-circle moment.

“I am a first-generation college graduate who received a scholarship many years ago because a group of people believed in me,” said Johnson. “I was honored to receive that gift, and it is an even greater honor to give. Now it is my turn to believe in students.”

Sophomore Brenda Guerrero has benefited from those who believe in Stritch’s mission, and she is grateful to be a member of the Stritch family.

“Through the support of Stritch’s generous donors, I will be able to overcome the challenges of balancing work and school—especially during a pandemic,” said Guerrero, a business major.

Guerrero admits that her first year of college was anything but traditional. She is proud that these challenges have not deterred her from pursuing her goals, rather, they have strengthened her resolve.

“I want to gain as much knowledge as possible, and receiving this support motivates me to work even harder because I know someone is trusting in me.”

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